Sony E3 2013 Liveblog

E3 - Sony

Sony rounds off the day of press conferences on June 10, 2013. Their event starts at 6pm PST, 9pm EST.

You can watch the press conference live at

And also at and Spike TV

You can catch our reactions to the event here!

11:28pm by Eric

Well. . . That was intense! Sony came out swinging and, well, Xbox One fell hard!

It’s hard to not feel this way. There were a ton of awesome game demos, some exciting new reveals, and of course the Pricing! WOOOOO!!!

Most exciting is that PS+ will carry over and net all PS4 owners a free game at launch. So really, you have no reason not to sign up at this point. Just do it! get free shit! You’ll love it!

Games? You wanted games? YOU GOT GAMES! Honestly, I don’t think most of those were exclusives, they may have been, but I don’t know. All I know is FINAL FANTASY XV and Kingdom Hearts III rocked my mind! We saw Killzone, Bayond Two Souls, Kingdom Hearts III, Destiny. . . OH MY GOD Destiny! Did I say need it yet? No? NEED IT! Elder Scrolls Online! Assassin’s Creed IV gameplay! Watch_Dogs gameplay! KINGDOM GOD DAMNED HEARTS FUCKING III!!! SHUT UP AND TALK ALL OF THE MONEY!

I will say I do feel a little jipped that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being rebranded to XV. I mean, it looks phenomenal, but it’s been in development since before I met my wife. Thats not the “next generation of final fantasy.” That’s a decades old game rebranded. Aw, who am I kidding? I just want it now!

The Order looked interesting, and Ready At Dawn is a fantastic developer. I would love to see more from that game. InFamous always impresses me. It’ll be nice to have only fire powers, and BAMF around the city like NightCrawler. And the Indie titles! Those looked great and I really can’t wait to try out Transistor, Oddworld, and. . . the one about the cowboys. It looked awesome. OH! And the Zombie one! That looked cool too!

Well, suffice to say. Sony won. The biggest, and best, news of the night was that PlayStation 4 will NOT restrict Used games. It will also NOT require an online connection. NOT even a 24 hour checkup! It WILL be priced at $ 399! That’s $ 100 lower than the competition.

Sorry guys, I’m calling this one. Sony Wins. We’ll see you tomorrow to for Nintendo’s conference at 10am EST!

11:06pm by Shannon

There were a lot of launch games, live demos, and of course an amazing price point!

11:05pm by Chris

Sorry for bad spelling everyone the Note 10.1 is great but not perfect for writing

11:04pm by Eric

I don’t feel like this is calling it early at all when I say. . . #SONYWINS! #SonyE3

11:04pm by Chris

Only 399? Kee rubbing Salt in thu xbox one wound!!

11:03pm by Eric

$ 399! $ 399! SUCK IT XBOX!

11:02pm by Shannon

Four Hundred Dollars. Sorry Microsoft.

11:01pm by Eric

Time to talk about Gaikai and Streaming Games on PS4.

11:00pm by Chris

Welp I’m getting Destiny. Now whats The PS4 going to Cost me?

11:00pm by Eric

Destiny coming in 2014! And, yeah, it looks awesome!

10:57pm by Eric

Destiny is like Diablo in first person. . . and fun. NEED IT!

10:49pm by Eric

DESTINy ON PS4! Looks sooooooo good!

10:47pm by Shannon


10:47pm by Chris


10:46pm by Eric

PS+ Will carry over to PS4! Free games, uploaded saves, discounts, auto updates! GET IT!

10:46pm by Chris

PS4 is the Console to Own.

10:45pm by Shannon

Sony really has their customers in mind. PS+ carries over to PS4.

10:43pm by Eric


10:43pm by Chris

Man Sony is doing it all right! Take notes Microsoft

10:43pm by Shannon

It just keeps getting better. Online connection is not a requirement.

10:42pm by Shannon

No restrictions on used games. Listen to the crowd roar with excitement. We already knew Xbox One was losing, but I think it just went down the toilet.

10:42pm by Chris

Sony Just Won

10:40pm by Chris

Mad Max! I Knew it! There is the new movie Coming

10:40pm by Shannon

Keep your poop in your butt Eric…. it’s only freakin MAD MAX!

10:40pm by Eric

Mad Max! Still cool. :-p

10:39pm by Eric

If this is fallout I’m going to poop my pants. . .

10:36pm by Eric

The Elder Scrolls Online! On PS4! ^_^

10:34pm by Eric

Exclusive Watch_Dogs content for PS4! Boom! #Suckitxbox!

10:34pm by Chris

Watch_dogs is a must buy!

10:32pm by Shannon

There are so many ways to do things in Watch_Dogs. Can’t wait to see the whole game!

10:27pm by Chris

I hope that Black Flag is Less Buggy that AC3

10:26pm by Shannon

Another live demonstration of an amazing looking game!

10:26pm by Eric

Watch_Dogs gameplay! Sweet!

10:25pm by Shannon

Had some issues with the game freezing up a little, but it still looked great.

10:25pm by Eric

This looks world better than III! Aaaaaaaand there’s the glitches. . .

10:24pm by Chris

I’m Officialy excited for mon Assassin’s Creed

10:21pm by Eric

OK, I’m back in. Assassin’s Creed IV gameplay!

10:20pm by Eric

I don’t even care about what’s happening right now. . . I’m so happy after Kingdom Hearts III! ^_^

10:19pm by Shannon

We’re actually seeing live game play for Assasin’s Creed.

10:19pm by Eric

Wow! Square Enix is bringing it back! Final Fantasy Versus XIII is officially Final Fantasy XV! Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 and PS3! AAAAAAAAND KINGDOM HEARTS III! I NEED PS4!

10:18pm by Chris

Holy shit Kind Hearts III and Finn Fantasy XV!!!

10:18pm by Shannon

KH3 coming to PS4? Sony is really bringing it!

10:17pm by Eric


10:16pm by Eric

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is officially Final Fantasy XV!

10:12pm by Eric


10:12pm by Eric


10:10pm by Eric

Remake of Oddworld, Oddworld New and Tasty, coming to PS4! ^_^

10:09pm by Chris

There are so many Cool looking indie games On the horizon

10:06pm by Chris

I like the Style for Transistor

10:05pm by Eric

Supergiant games bringing their new title to PS4!

10:04pm by Eric

Now on to Indie Games with Adam Boyes.

10:03pm by Chris

That was rail cool

10:02pm by Chris

It’s Jost a prototype but holy crap. the is amazing!

10:02pm by Eric

Is this the old man face from Quantic Dreams display in february?

10:00pm by Eric

The Dark Sorcerer running in game on PS4. Looking cool so far.

10:00pm by Eric

Knack will launch with PS4. Infamous will launch Q1 2014.

09:59pm by Shannon

A lot of games out for PS4 by Q1 of 2014, many at launch.

09:58pm by Chris

Can’t wait for Infamous. Voice actin is way Better for second Son

09:57pm by Eric

Nice to see some gameplay for InFamous Second Son. It looks awesome!

09:56pm by Chris

I don’t really Play First PerSon games but Kilkone looks Beautiful

09:56pm by Shannon

Here’s a look at Infamous!

09:55pm by Eric

Killzone time. This game does look beautiful.

09:54pm by Eric

The Order 1886. Very interesting. I want to see more.

09:54pm by Shannon

The Order, looks great!

09:54pm by Chris

The Order ? Steam Punk Zombie Shooter?

09:51pm by Eric

New IP. Exclusive to PS4. By Sony Santamonica and Ready at dawn. . .

09:51pm by Chris

Wow 12 new IP’s from Sony

09:50pm by Chris

Ugh I’m least interested in the Social media Stuff

09:48pm by Chris

So Will redbox instant be dollar rentals or Subscription based?

09:48pm by Eric

Now onto PS4 games with Shu Yoshida! ^_^

09:45pm by Chris

So much TV Emphasis in this gen. Make Sense though

09:44pm by Eric

Exclusive movie and tv content for PS4. Uncharted TV show? icon smile

09:43pm by Chris

as long as it has Netflix and plays games I am Happy.

09:42pm by Eric

Michael Lynton of Sony Pictures on stage now. Probably going to talk about movies.

09:40pm by Chris

looks less like a VCR tha xboxone Bu a bit like my DVR in Black. Cool though.

09:40pm by Shannon

Very sleek, much like a prettier PS2.

09:40pm by Eric

It’s a square. This is what everyone wanted. To see the square. O.O It’s a rhombus!

09:39pm by Eric

STOP TEASING US! Just Show it!

09:38pm by Chris

Finally PS4 Time!

09:38pm by Eric

Time for PS4 and some Daft Punk! :-p

09:38pm by Eric

PS3 will launch over 300 titles by the end of the year. That’s absurd!

09:36pm by Shannon

Holy retro Batman, Batman!

09:36pm by Chris

nice Azreal Costume

09:36pm by Chris

Oh snap! The Joker!

09:35pm by Chris

I like the villians So far

09:34pm by Eric

Arkham Origins is looking fantastic!

09:34pm by Chris


09:34pm by Shannon

I’m so looking forward to Batman! Such a great franchise.

09:33pm by Chris

Eh I think if I’m getting a new racing game Need for speed wins

09:32pm by Shannon

Racing games always have such amazing graphics. All of the games they’re showing look great, and just remember, this is all current gen stuff.

09:31pm by Eric

Now some Gran Turismo! This series just keeps getting better and better!

09:31pm by Chris

Beyond just Keeps looking Better

09:30pm by Chris

Puppeteer and Rain look interesting. But Hero is Beyond TWo Souls

09:29pm by Eric

Beyond Two Souls is going to be absolutely amazing!

09:29pm by Shannon

This one is the Ellen Page game :p

09:27pm by Shannon

No, this is not the Ellen Page game, it’s the other one.

09:27pm by Chris

oooh Last of us! Can’t wait for Friday

09:26pm by Eric

Time for The Last of Us! ^_^ This game is going to be superb!

09:26pm by Chris

Telltales Walking Dead should be great for the Vita

09:25pm by Eric

Walking Dead game on Vita?! That’s awesome!

09:24pm by Chris

first Shot of new Batman?

09:23pm by Eric

I really need more Vita games. Get me more games!

09:22pm by Chris

Vita and ps3 are Up first

09:21pm by Eric

Yes, we are excited Jack. Now get to the good stuff!

09:20pm by Eric

Jack Tretton on stage!

09:18pm by Eric

Starting off with an exciting video show casing the popular face buttons and some games.

09:17pm by Shannon

Here we go! Will we see the PS4 right away?

09:17pm by Eric

Here we go!

09:13pm by Eric

Sit down people! I want to see the goods!

09:07pm by Chris

Just a few mon minute until Sony Event!

09:03pm by Eric

We’re getting psyched for the PlayStation event! What do you think we’ll see tonight?


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