‘Rasslin Report 2 – Don’t Call It a Comeback

Shaun and I are back with a second episode of the ‘Rasslin Report and so are some big names in the WWE. Who are they? Well listen and find out who! Also we recap our (awful) Money in the Bank predictions and talk about the new angles set up on RAW this week along with classic One-Quest side tracking.

We will need somethings to talk about next week to fill up an hour so if you have any suggestions either send an email to social@one-quest.com subject ‘Rasslin or tweet them to @One_Quest @Drootin_39 or @DoopinSoB_Shaun with #Rasslin


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is a writer, pod-caster, and the resident hater of things (especially Wii) on One-Quest.com. Drootin is a total sports nerd and sports gamer, spending the majority of his time either watching sports or listening to sports radio, often while playing some kind of sports game. He's also a HUGE pro wrestling fan and often tweets during RAW and Pay Per Views.

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