‘Rasslin Report #1

So the ‘Rasslin Report is going a different direction. After a couple weeks of writing it I just didn’t think it was that interesting for anyone other than me and even I wasn’t that interested. Thankfully the often mentioned Shaun Appleton is also a HUGE wrestling fan and he and I love to talk/argue about the state of the industry. So we decided why not record our wonderful opinions with the masses? So the ‘Rasslin Report has moved to podcast form for now at least, we’re also looking into doing it as a Twitch show every(ish) Wednesday night if I can get the audio figured out.


So with all that said this weekend is WWE’s Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View or “Special Event” or whatever they are calling their once a month on a Sunday things now, so we mostly talk about that and give our predictions on the matches. But also in classic One-Quest style we get completely sidetracked and offer random musings about which divas we think are hottest and WWE’s new Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan shirt, and a little bit about TNA Wrestling among other things. I hope you enjoy it!

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is a writer, pod-caster, and the resident hater of things (especially Wii) on One-Quest.com. Drootin is a total sports nerd and sports gamer, spending the majority of his time either watching sports or listening to sports radio, often while playing some kind of sports game. He's also a HUGE pro wrestling fan and often tweets during RAW and Pay Per Views.

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