Pokemon X and Y Coming To Your 3DS This October

Non-Japanese fans of Pokemon have spent the last 15 years obsessing over catching them all, Japanese fans an extra 2 year. We’ve been through the strange monotone colors of the original Gameboy with Red and Blue. The half colors in Yellow, Gold, and Silver. And finally the fully color version with Crystal. Every generation got a little prettier with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald the backgrounds became more detailed. When the games finally reached the DS with Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 it was almost perfect, the worlds were fully realized they had depth to them. The characters weren’t just heads with feet while you walked around. It’s exactly what you want in a handheld game, that’s not even going into all the side games, and updated re-releases like the Mystery Dungeon series, Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Now we’ve got the next progression for Pokemon, with the first 3DS adventure Pokemon X and Y we get our favorite handheld obsession in 3 dimensions. Even better it’s a legit entry into the Pokemon franchise, you’ll play a new trainer on their quest to become the very best, the best there ever was. Lets not stop there though, it’s even better, fans outside of Japan have spent long months waiting for these games to release after their Japanese counter parts have already come out. Well we wait no longer! Pokemon X and Y looks to be releasing WORLDWIDE in October. Yea crazy right? Only a year after Black 2 and White 2 the first official sequel to a main Pokemon entry comes out we get our first 3DS game, released everywhere at once.

Here is the official annoucment from earlier this morning, which includes an nice little history on game releases and what not.

And here is just the trailer if you don’t want to wait that whole video!

So this is pretty cool news for anyone who plays Pokemon. We get a peak at some of the new Pokemon for this game like our new starters, obviously following the tradition of 3 cute monsters. The fire type fox Fennekin, the grass type chipmunk looking thing with a hat Chespin, and last but not least the frog looking Pokemon Froakie who, you guessed it is our water type. We also got some nice images of past Pokemon that will be featured in this new game. The one thing I did notice that was a little disappointing it appears that you’ll be able to catch Pokemon from all of the various generations early on. That could just be the way the video was cut together. One of the best features in Black and White was that it was only new Pokemon until after you got the National Dex later in the game. It made it feel new and fresh and you had to learn all these new Pokemon just like back in the late ’90s when we all started on this adventure.

Fire Starter

Grass Starter

Water Starter

I’m sure over the coming months we’ll see plenty more on the release of these games like always with new monster being unveiled as we get closer to the release. What’s your take on this? Excited, upset, disappointed, couldn’t care less, let us know in the comments below!

The New Female Player

The New Male Player

Now I’ve got to go finish Black and White 2 so I’ll be ready come October.

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