Pokemon Showdown – Glorious Browser Battles!

I know what you’re thinking. Man…I just want to have a quick Pokémon battle but my DS is all the way over there…Well you’re in luck! An open source project titled Pokémon Showdown is in the works that lets you get the Pokéfix you need!

Pokémon Showdown is a battle simulator that runs right in your browser. There’s an assortment of Pokémon available in Showdown, including some never before seen in the franchise. It’s a pretty quick process to get into the mix, just log in and you can be placed in a queue for a random rated/unrated battle.

Epic battle! I lost miserably. . .

Battles follow the traditional format seen in past Pokémon games. Each Pokémon has a set of 4 moves which you use to attack or disable your opponent. You fight until you or your opponent has no Pokémon left or you chicken out and forfeit. Players have a choice of either building their own team or fighting with 6 random Pokémon. If you participate in rated matches you have a chance of working your way up the ladder and being the most epic Pokémon master on the interwebs!

No static images for this browser-based game! You’ll see many familiar animations and listen to phat Poke beats featured in the previous Pokémon games. Keep in mind however this is a beta, so there will be tons of glitches and errors. Please help the developers by reporting bugs you find and recommend features. It’s open source! So if you’re a Poké-programmer, feel free to contribute and help make “Pokémon Showdown” an epic experience.

Check out here if you want to play or here if you want to help contribute!

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