PodQuest 133 – Nintendo, Batman, and Pokemon

Walnut returns to talk to Chris about Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Job Interviews, and D&D. We also discuss more about the upcoming Switch, The Walking Dead, The Lego Batman Movie, Console Wars by Blake J. Harris, and an interesting little game called Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora, and plenty more.

Intro and Outro music Mega Man 2 ‘Project X2 – Title Screen’ OC ReMix courtesy of Project X over at OCRemix

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talks a bunch on PodQuest each week. He's also been known to write about stuff from time to time.

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  • One-Quest was founded many millennia ago in a galaxy know as "n00b," by a foundation of Nerds. n00b was a small galaxy ruled by an evil empire, known as the "Hipstars." One-Quest formed with the sole purpose of removing the Hipstar empire from power, and restoring balance to all Nerds...
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