Pocket Monsters: The Origin Trailer and Speculation

We’re a little late talking about this one, but it’s still pretty interesting and warrants some speculation. A lot of us at One-Quest have spent a good chunk of our lives playing Pokemon games, and even watching the anime and movies. With that said, any fan would know that the anime doesn’t come close to watching the story presented in the games. Ash is kind of a joke compared to your player character in the games. By the end of the first season he’s got 8 different Pokemon, which is less than what I have by the first gym. But that’s beside the point, this isn’t about Ash being a bad trainer, it’s about a new anime special set to air later this fall based more on the Pokemon games.
Yep you read that right, they’re releasing a special without Ash and Pikachu. Instead you’ll get to watch the adventures of Red and his Chamander, which is the default name for the players character in the original Red Version. This should be able to give a whole new experience to Pokemon in media, if this proceeds closer to the game storyline and pulls away from the original anime. Before we start talking speculations, lets have a look at the trailer.

There you have it, hopefully that opening bit brought back some fond memories for some of you.
The basic idea of the show seems to be the plot from the original Pocket Monsters Red and Green. For those who aren’t to into Pokemon history, the original Japanese release of the games were called Pocket Monsters and the first two games were Red and Green, where as we got Red and Blue in the US. The plot as I mentioned before will focus on Red and his newly acquired Chamander as he tries to get 8 gym badges and default the Elite Four. His rival is his neighbor Green and based on the games and the trailer will have a Squirtle. Pocket Monster: The Origin looks like it’s just a special so I’m not sure how far into the story we’ll see. On the bright side that trailer shows stuff that looks like it would take place later on, such as Charizard and Blastoise battle.
From the sounds of this whole project I think they might end up using some of the Pokemon Adventure manga as a basis for the story. I’ve never read it myself, but from what I understand it follows a bit closer to the games story, well closer than the anime ever did. They’ll have to mix it up a bit, otherwise people will be pretty bored with this special, as much fun as it is to spend hours trudging through tall grass looking for a certain Pokemon, that isn’t going to be fun to watch on our TV.

The most interesting part for me is going to be how they go about with a universal story. Every player had a different experience with their games, with what Pokemon they caught, what fights they won, lost, avoided. There’s a lot a variables to cover in the special. There’s also the always looming threat of team rocket, with this being about the game characters we hopefully won’t be seeing Jessie, James, or Meowth mucking up the show. We’ll know soon enough though so I guess for now it’s just a waiting game.

Now I’ve got some bad news for everyone, as of right now there aren’t plans for localize this special. It’s set to air on October 2, 2013 in Japan and that’s it. With how popular this series still is around the world I’m sure we’ll get a dub of it at some point, but who knows how long that will be. Look at the latest Dragonball Z movie, we’re all stilling waiting for that!

S while we’re waiting for a US release let us know what Pokemon you hope Red gets for his party and how many you think he’ll catch. Lets hope it’s more than 8!

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