Phantom Pain or Metal Gear?

The Phantom Pain Logo

The Spike VGAs just passed this weekend, and as usual we were treated to a fairly large number of excellent trailers. However, one of the most exciting reveals is Phantom Pain.

By itself, this is a very intense trailer for a new IP by a new studio, Moby Dick Studios. We see a patient/soldier wake up from a coma and try to escape the hospital he’s being held in while it’s under attack from soldier and some. . . supernatural source. Wait what? Yeah, we have guys walking around on fire, people floating, a flaming unicorn(Rapidash?), and a giant whale that swallows a helicopter! The trailer is tense, and visually appealing. One thing that will stick out in your mind is the fact that you don’t get a clear image of the protagonists face, until the end of the trailer. Or the Big reveal as it would seem. An enemy soldier flips over the body of the man we’ve followed throughout the trailer and we’re given a nice look at his face. Which happens to look a lot like Big Boss.

Soldiers in Phantom Pain

Lens Flare!

That’s where things get weird. Upon re-watching the trailer you’ll see a few queues to the MGS series. First and foremost is the trademark look of the amputated patient. He’s thin, and has an eye patch over his right eye, much like big boss. He has the classic Snake mullet going on. The only thing going against this theory, is the amputated left arm. ***Spoilers*** Big Boss is depicted with both arms at the end of MGS4. He uses his left arm to smoke a cigarette, so it doesn’t appear to be a prosthetic. However in this world of clones and cyborgs it wouldn’t be too far fetched for Big Boss to have acquired a replacement.

Big Boss in Phantom Pain

Hey. . . Do I know you from somewhere?

Big Boss in MGS Ground Zeroes

Oh! Now I remember!

There’s also the man on fire. He has a very. . . metal gear style. He also happens to have some visual similarities to Colonel Volgin in his rubber combat suit. It’s not much of a stretch for Volgin’s powers to evolve beyond electricity, and focus more on fire.

Volgin from Phantom Pain

Fired up Volgin?

Colonel Volgin in rubber combat suit

You just look kinda silly without the fire, huh?

There aren’t any other stand out characters, but there is one other clue in the trailer. This one Has to do with the logo. It seems if you use the exact same font, you can fit the words Metal Gear Solid V in the spaces above the word Phantom Pain.

Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid V

I’m still not convinced. . .

And if none of that was enough for you, how about this? Moby Dick Studio, referred to as “MDS” on their website, was founded by Joakim Mogren. Joakim. Kojima. Nice one!

Joakim Mogren aka Hideo Kojima

He kinda looks like Hideo Kojima. . .

Check out the awesome trailer below, courtesy of IGN, and tell us what you think in out sweet ass new comments section below that!

is not a boss.

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