Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos – Fairy Quest Needs Backers!

Kickstater is huge these days, it seems like every time you turn around someone else has a project they’re trying to get funded. Now you may recall we’ve mentioned a Zenescope Kickstater a couple of times over the last few months. Well, now that they’re funded, One-Quest is setting it’s eye’s on helping out another set of awesome creators to get their project funded!

Writer Paul Jenkins and Artist Humberto Ramos did a little story called Fairy Quest, they spent a lot of time trying to get a publisher to pick the book up but couldn’t come to any deals. So after a limited printing last year, they’re now back, asking for help to get these books printed again! They’re really into Kickstater and are trying to essentially make all of their backers their publishers. If they can hit the goal of $60,000 for volume one, then they’ll do another for volume two. As of the writing of this article they’re at $34,430, so half way done!

Now for anyone not familiar with these two guys, Paul Jenkins has written a characters all over the place. With series like Wolverine, Hellblazer, Inhumans, The Darkness, and a Marvel Civil War tie-in Frontline. Oh he also works on video games, like The Darkness for Xbox360. Humberto Ramos is just as accomplished with credits in books like X-Men, Runaways, Gen13, and he’s been one of the regular artist on Amazing Spider-man since issue 648.

Enough about who they are now it’s time to help out! Head over to the Fairy Quest Kickstater, read up on what this story is about, and make a donation if you can. Every dollar helps and for 30 dollars you get a copy of the book if they get funded. It’s a recommended retail of 35-40 dollars so you actually getting a discount. But wait, what’s that, there’s more? Yep Paul and Humberto will be including something special with each donation of 30 dollars, they don’t say what it is, and everyone gets something different. So maybe some original artwork? Who doesn’t want that?

So stop reading and go check it out, they have a ton of other incentives for backing them too but they only happen if they get funded so don’t put it off only 23 days left after all! The book is a recommended retail at 35-40 dollars USD, but if you make a donation of 30 dollars or more you’re actually able to get a copy of it a little cheaper as one of the rewards for becoming a backer! Not to bad right?

Fairy Quest Kickstarter Page

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