Ninteno WiiU Event Liveblog

The day is finally upon us! Nintento will be holding an event for the WiiU in New Cork city at 10am EST, and we’ll be live blogging the event! You can also live stream the event at the page.

We’ll update as soon as the event starts!

11:07am by Eric

Well, I’m excited overall. While nothing insane was shown off, I feel like the price is right and offerings are excellent.

I am definitely excited for NintendoTVii, it takes all of the streaming services and compiles them into one program, with a few interesting features.

Even thought about 20 minutes was spent on games, I feel like they were lacking. NintendoLand is a great successor to WiiSports, but I don’t think we need to keep seeing it at shows. Activision has some cool announcements, but nothing that get me jumping out of my seat. And Bayonetta2 is great and all, but I don’t see anyone buying a WiiU just to play this game. . .

Still, I’m sold. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go preorder my WiiU Deluxe!

10:57am by Eric

And that’s the show!

10:55am by Eric

50 Games from November 18th to March 2013!

10:50am by Eric

One person playing the game entirely on the GamePad while the other uses the TV screen.

10:50am by Eric

Live Demo if Black Ops 2. It looks beauitiful on WiiU!

10:48am by Eric

COD: Black Ops 2 coming to WiiU!

10:47am by Eric

and Skylanders Giants! So pumped!

10:46am by Eric

Transformers Prime the game! This looks awesome!

10:46am by Eric

007 Legends!

10:44am by Eric


10:42am by Eric

Actiuvision? Could this be Call of Duty on WiiU?!

10:42am by Shahid

MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE! With simultaneous progress between Wii U and 3DS! Sorry…personal favorite here. I soiled myself.

10:42am by Eric

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to WiiU and 3DS next year!

10:41am by Eric

The Wonderful 101 – looks like an insane action game by Platinum Games.

10:40am by Eric

WiiU Exclusive!

10:39am by Eric

Bayonetta 2 announcement! Coming to WiiU!

10:39am by Shahid

Oh man Bayonetta 2 announced for the Wii U

10:35am by Shahid

Wow great addition for sports fans. Watch the game on the TV while checking out player stats and statistics via the game controller.

10:35am by Eric

Same thing with sports, bu the GamePad shows stats from other games on the left, and moments from the game being watched on the right.

10:35am by Eric

Viewer can then take polls, tweet, and even scroll back to see if they missed anything from the show! All on the GamePad! Really awesome feature!

10:34am by Eric

NintendoTVii captures moments from the shows/movies and displays them on the GamePad.

10:33am by Shahid

Built in remote to get to your favorite TV shows!

10:32am by Eric

Everything is based on your own subscriptions. Don’t have Netflix, no Netflix then.

10:31am by Eric

Sports show off game stats instead of channels. Touch stats to jump to that game.

10:31am by Eric

All streaming sources are integrated into one program, as opposed to leaving Netflix to login to Hulu+ on other consoles.

10:30am by Shahid

Pretty impressed with the Nintendo TVii interface. Smooth navigation for all your favorite shows, sports, etc with the ability to personalize your Nintendo TVii experience. Record on your DVR or stream live from sources like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu Plus!

10:29am by Eric

You can check show casts and IMDB from NintendoTVii.

10:27am by Eric

GamePad acts as the a new Universal Remote of sorts, for NintendoTVii

10:26am by Shahid


Nintendo TVii! I’m all over it. If it’s as great as it looks it’ll trump all the media sources provided by all game consoles to date.

10:26am by Eric

Now a live demo of NintendoTVii.

10:25am by Eric

Interactive options on the GamePad while you watch TVii

10:25am by Eric

Create profiles to save favorite shows for different family members.

10:24am by Eric

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Tivo, Cable, OnDemand all available on Nintendo TVii.

10:23am by Eric

NintendoTVii – Entertainment for the WiiU

10:20am by Shahid

Finally, a Mario game that offers some challenge for the more hardcore gamers >o> my e-peen has a chance to grow with the Wii U!

10:19am by Eric

GamePad can create platforms to make levels easier to complete.

10:18am by Eric

New Super Mario Bros U will feature an interconnected world, similar to Super Mario World.

10:16am by Eric

Player on GamePad uses the controllers motion to aim.

10:15am by Eric

You can play the game alone, or cooperatively.

10:14am by Eric

Players work cooperatively to battle enemies in Metroid Blast.

10:13am by Eric

GamePas is controlling a ship, main screen controlling a Mii-Samus.

10:12am by Eric

WiiU is backward compatible with most Wii games!

10:11am by Eric

NintendoLand demo on display. Showing off the Metroid level.

10:10am by Eric

Big questions out of the way, time for games!

10:09am by Eric

Costs: 9 for Basic Set, 9 for Delux Set.

10:09am by Eric

Nintendo doesn’t want anyone buying controllers they already have.

10:08am by Eric

No Wii-Motes being sold with the console.

10:08am by Eric

Delux – 32GB, Everything included in the Basic Set, Nintendo Land, GamePad Charging station, and console stands.

10:07am by Eric

Basic – 8GB, Wii U, GamePad, AC adapter, Sensor Bar, and HDMI cable

10:06am by Eric

2 Different pricing models.

10:05am by Eric

WiiU Launch date November 18, 2012!!!!

10:04am by Eric

“This is a day many of us have been looking forward to for a while!” – Reggie

10:03am by Eric

Reggie Fils-Amie taking the stage!

10:02am by Eric

This is more exciting then waiting for the Diablo III servers to go live. :p

09:54am by Eric

Less then 10 minutes to go! So excited!!! ^_^


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