New Watchmen stories are on the way this summer

before watchmen - Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre

DC Comics has announced that this summer they will be releasing a set of prequels to the 1986 classic Watchmen. The prequels will be broken up into 7 different limited series. One focusing on each of the characters. Those familiar with the original Watchmen, and not just the movie, are aware that creator Alan Moore has effectively cut all ties with DC Comics, and his work on Watchmen. You can check out his statements over on the New York Times’ article about the Watchmen prequels. Even though Moore won’t be taking part in the prequels in DC’s announcement they listed all of the talent that will be working on these prequels and it’s a pretty strong showing.

DC says that the series will run weekly for 35 weeks starting in the summer.

For the the full list of writers and artists, along with some more details check out post on the Watchmen prequels

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