New Avengers Trailer

The Avengers

The Avengers is one of the most highly anticipated movies of all time, by nerds all around the world of course. The movie that’s been built up and teased for 5 movies, and almost as many years, is finally upon us! Clearly, everyone at One-Quest is beyond excited for this release. Sadly, we have to wait until May 4th. While so very, very close that we can almost taste it, it’s still far enough away that the anticipation is eating away at our souls. Alas, some of this anticipation is about to be dissolved with the release of an all NEW trailer, debuting during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

If you can’t wait, and I know you can’t, you can catch a teaser for the latest The Avengers trailer below. Otherwise, we all need to wait until Sunday to watch the trailer in it’s fullest splendor… Unless someone leaks it online before hand.

is not a boss.

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