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Microsoft kicks off E3 week with a press conference on Monday, June 10, 2013. The conference starts at 9am PST, 12noon EST.

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You can catch our reactions to the event here.

02:28pm by Eric

That concludes the show! I feel like Microsoft came out with some big guns, but I’m not sure they made the explosions they wanted to make.

Of the 13 exclusives shown off, only a handful were Triple A titles worth getting excited about. Of that handful most were only shown off in extremely limited quantities. Games like Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, and Halo are the types of games we want to see for longer periods of time. When you show me less than 30 seconds of prerendered footage, or cg cut scenes, I stop caring.

I was pleasantly surprised with Ryse, Titanfall, and Dead Rising 3. Every one of these games showed off what next gen hardware is truly capable of. From the grisly wars of ancient Spartans, to the frighteningly overpopulated streets of the zombie apocalypse. These games showed us what it would really be like to own the Xbox One. The only downside to these games is that they’re exclusive to the console, when it would be really nice to get them out into everyone’s hands.

I will also note that the segment in the middle of the conference about SmartGlass confused me. Microsoft has a vision of boasting controller free gaming, but instead shows us how SmartGlass can be used as an alternative controller. I like the technology behind it, but the fact of the matter is this is exactly what Nintendo had in mind for their console, yet developers swore they didn’t see the vision. Now they seem to be jumping on board to show how this application and Asymmetric gaming can do for the medium. . . not cool brah.

Lastly the pricing. . . $ 499 seems steep to me. I’m not saying this isn’t obvious, I’ve been estimating that price all along, but I was really hoping I was wrong. A $ 399 price tag would have been a much easier sell on most consumers. But $ 499 is still a lot better than $ 599. So there’s that.

That about does it! Stay tuned for EA’s Conference. It starts at 4pm EST! ^_^

OH! I almost forgot, how ’bout that metal gear trailer?! O.O If that’s launch, I’m in.

02:08pm by Eric

Well, Titanfall looked amazing. Too bad it’s not multiplatform.

02:00pm by Eric

Yeah that looks awesome. . .

01:59pm by Eric

Respawn Entertainment, former employees of Infinity Ward, debut Titanfall for Xbox One!

01:57pm by Drootin

Not liking but not at all suprised by the $ 499 price point

01:57pm by Eric

$ 499! Called it!

01:56pm by Drootin

Halo at 60fps? I know thats the thing to do, but Halo is a 30fps game.

01:54pm by Drootin

New Halo next year from 343

01:54pm by Eric

New Halo 2014!

01:48pm by Eric

The detail in this game is outstanding. Everything looks so incredibly real.

01:46pm by Eric

This looks absurd!

01:43pm by Drootin

2nd time that there have been technical difficulties during the presentation

01:42pm by Eric

Battlefield 4, running at 60 frames per second on stage now.

01:39pm by Drootin

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for XboxOne. The first open world game in the series

01:38pm by Eric

Next up is Witcher 3, gameplay footage oncoming.

01:36pm by Eric

Create and customize weapons anywhere, anytime.

01:31pm by Drootin

Dead Rising 3 for XboxOne up now

01:31pm by Eric

Dead Rising 3! ^_^

01:30pm by Eric

Prince and Dragon exclusive for Xbox One

01:29pm by Eric

No Microsoft points! Just real cash!

01:29pm by Drootin

Xbox has partnered with Twitch for live game streaming

01:28pm by Eric

Xbox One can broadcast games straight on twitch

01:25pm by Eric

Another SmartGlass game. Why didn’t you just build a screen into the flippin’ controllers?

01:22pm by Eric

This is project spark by the way, and it looks like it would be perfect on the Vita or Wii U.

01:21pm by Chris

Project Spark would be great on the Wii U

01:20pm by Eric

This looks like it’s played entirely using smartglass. It’s a shame that everyone in the planet thinks using a touchscreen whilst playing games on the tv is stupid. . .

01:17pm by Chris

Quantum Break looks interesting even if it was all just video

01:16pm by Eric

That looks interesting.

01:15pm by Eric

Gameplay footage now!

01:14pm by Eric

Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment is here to talk about Quantum Break.

01:13pm by Chris

Again, is this really E3 worthy? I know Minecraft is crazy popular but come on, this could have been talked about later, give us NEW STUFF!

01:13pm by Eric

Mine Craft coming to Xbox One.

01:12pm by Eric

He’ll be talking about Indie games and smaller projects.

01:11pm by Eric

Phil Harrison is on stage now.

01:10pm by Chris

Drivatar? It’s nice that the AI doesn’t just drive the same way every time. Seems like Xboxone is all about the cloud character moving to other users systems. Similar to the Wii with the Mii’s going to your friends consoles. Only I don’t think they have to be friends for your Avatar to travel to the consoles. So that’s cool.

01:09pm by Drootin

And something called “Driveatar”, an adaptive AI that learns your style and habits and plays for you while your away earning you in-game credits

01:07pm by Drootin

Forza 5 puts some impressive detail on their cars

01:07pm by Eric

Forza 5 coming to Xbox One.

01:07pm by Chris

Forza is honestly pretty uninteresting, didn’t they have something better for freaking E3?

01:05pm by Chris

Ok this looks pretty cool. Like the child of Mirrors Edge and No More Heroes? I don’t know, it just looks fun.

01:03pm by Eric

Insomniac making exclusives for Xbox One?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

01:02pm by Eric

Killer Instinct is back!

01:00pm by Chris

Too much quick time.

12:59pm by Chris

I keep waiting for someone to kick someone off a ledge and scream THIS IS ‘LOCATION HERE’!

12:59pm by Eric

300 Kick!

12:57pm by Eric

A lot of quick time events make up the combat. It looks like it plays very similarly to god of war.

12:57pm by Chris

I guess this is how the storming of Normandy would have went with Roman soldiers. Minus the Nazi’s of course.

12:56pm by Eric

It feels like the opening sequence from Saving Private Ryan.

12:56pm by Chris

God Of War meets Call of Duty?

12:56pm by Eric

Wow! This looks beautiful!

12:55pm by Eric

Interesting CG Trailer for Ryse. Onto some gameplay.

12:53pm by Eric


12:53pm by Eric

Phil Spencer on stage to talk! From this point on it’s Xbox One only.

12:52pm by Eric

The new trailer for Dark Souls 2 looks fantastic, however!

12:51pm by Eric

Some game and Dark Souls 2 round off this segment. Dark Souls 2 is NOT exclusive.

12:48pm by Eric

Exclusive to the Xbox 360, rather. No PS3/4 version incoming.

12:47pm by Eric

World of Tanks coming to Xbox One.

12:46pm by Drootin

Microsoft adopting the PS+ Free Games model for Xbox Live Gold. First 2 games are Assassins’ Creed 2 and Halo 3

12:45pm by Chris

Well Microsoft is taking a hint from Sony’s PS+, only limited it to two a month.

12:45pm by Eric

Microsoft is upgrading Xbox Gold into PlayStation+. 2 Free games per month for all Gold members.

12:45pm by Drootin

Available Now

12:44pm by Chris

Really a new Xbox 360 model? Come on guys. . .

12:44pm by Eric

New Xbox 360 model coming. . . do they want to confuse the audience?

12:44pm by Drootin

Another new 360 model

12:44pm by Eric

13 exclusive Xbox One titles will be shown off today.

12:42pm by Eric

That looks sooo good! Hideo Kojima takes the stage with Don Mattrick.

12:41pm by Chris

With the music and all I feel like this belongs to the 007 franchise, which isn’t a bad thing.

12:41pm by Chris

Jack Bauer is taking over Metal Gear, can we expect a lot of angry yelling a torture?

12:40pm by Eric

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It is Keifer Sutherland!

12:38pm by Eric

Snake still hasn’t made a sound. Is Keifer Sutherland really doing the voice?

12:38pm by Chris

I’m not a Metal Gear player, but damn does this look amazing.

12:38pm by Eric

This is beautiful!

12:37pm by Eric

Oh my! This is in game!

12:36pm by Drootin

MGS 5 on Xbox

12:36pm by Eric

Conference starts off with Metal Gear Solid V trailer!

12:36pm by Eric

The event is starting! Here we go!

11:28am by Eric

Update! The Xbox press conference starts at 12:30 EST. So, we still have about an hour to go.

10:12am by Eric

We’re about two hours out from the Microsoft E3 press event! Stay tuned and we’ll update as soon as everything get’s rolling!


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