Marvel MMO Trailer Revealed!

Gazillion Entertainment just released a teaser trailer, and some additional info, for it’s upcoming Free to Play MMO, Marvel Heroes! Gazillion has also announced that Marvel Heroes will be an MMO Action RPG, more akin to the Diablo franchise, as opposed to the standard MMORPG format.

In Marvel Heroes players will take the role as their favorite super heroes, not some cheap knock off like some other comic inspired MMO, and join up with hundreds of other players to stop Dr. Doom from taking over the world with the power of the cosmic cube. The game will be broken up into social and questing areas. Social areas, like the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, will provide social interaction with other heroes, allow the player to find and accept quests, and purchase new equipment. Areas like the Savage Lands act as questing zones for heroes to team up to stop evil doers.

You will be able to choose from a growing list of heroes to play as, which currently includes Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Storm, Ms. Marvel and more! As you play you’ll unlock other characters and be able to switch to them on the fly to be able to use the best character for the situation. Each hero can be customized with different abilities, equipment, and costumes! You’ll face off against enemies like HYDRA and dozens of Super Villains that have yet to be announced. Oh, and Brian Michael Bendis is behind the story!

It’s still early, and there isn’t a release date yet, but Marvel Heroes is sounding like my kind of game! Check out the trailer here and let us know what you think in the comments below! We’ll let you know when more information pops up for this one!


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