Kickstarter – Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts

At long last, and after plenty of bumps in the campaign for the first book, Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos are finally ready to bring us Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts. Things are looking to run much smoother this time as they’re teamed up with Boom! Studios to produce the book.


If you missed it the first time around, Fairy Quest is an original graphic novel about some of the worlds most famous fairy tale characters, only more of a “What they do when they’re not being stories”. Think of Marvel’s current Hawkeye series. The main focus is Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, who while they’re enemies during the stories, they’re friends in their off time. Unfortunately the powers that be, aren’t fans so they go on the run. And that’s the meat of the story and it’s going to be continued into this next chapter Outcasts as well

The opening page of Outcasts

The opening page of Outcasts

So with all that out of the way, here’s the important stuff. The Kickstater for Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts has 34 days left and at this writing they have $19,417 out of a goal of $60,000. So while the campaign is off to a great start, there’s still a ways to go and they’re going to need some help! Now last time they had the same goal, but ended up with just over $95,000 so if you can, chip in and help them reach even higher.

Look at that artwork!

Look at that artwork!

If you missed any of the other links, here’s another to the Kickstater!

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