Hound: A Ancient Celtic Myth Kickstarter!

So you may have noticed us plugging the hell out of our own Kickstarter, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still like to check out what other cool projects are out there. In the past we’e spotlighted a few campaigns that really stood, and Hound is another one in that category. I was actually contacted by them to see if One-Quest would be able to help spread the word about the Kickstarter. After quickly checking out what it was for, I saw no reason not to. I personally love history, so that pretty much had me on the hook right away. As I continued to read about what this book was going to be though I got more intrigued, and the artwork, which you can see plenty of over on their Kickstarter, has this dark and gritty look. It’s the type of thing I’d expect to see as an illustration in one of these old tales.
I’m sure you’re more interested in what Hound is actually about, than me talking about what I liked about it. So here is something straight from the Kickstarter page.

Set in Ancient Ireland HOUND is the first in three Graphic Novels covering the life of Cu Chulainn…

In this forgotten world where war once ruled peace reigns supreme and this is killing Morrigan, last of the Long Lived. In a desperate bid to stay vital she kidnaps baby Cú Cullan and exposes the child to her darkness imbuing him with unnatural strength and agility, but at a price. He inherits her dark hair, eyes and unpredictable brooding nature. He is not easy to be around. Although physically smaller than his peers he has the status of a giant. Friend and foe fear him. Since killing a Blacksmith’s guard dog and taking it’s place as a child, hence his nickname, HOUND, he has earned a reputation for never letting anyone or anything get in the way of that which he wants more than anything else – to be Champion of the World.

With Cú Cullan seeded as her living weapon Morrigan plans to turn a hard won peace into endless carnage.

Cool right? Hound is just the first of three planned graphic novels to tell the whole story, I expect it to have quite the epic feel to it.
Now is where you click on through one of the links, including this one here to the Hound Kickstarter and check it out indepth for yourself, and maybe drop a few dollars to help some people make something cool!

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