Good News, Bad News: Torchlight 2 and Skyrim DLC

Torchlight II and Skyrim Dawnguard Logo's

Let’s just get right down to this.


Runic Games has announced the release date for Torchlight 2 at the Runic Games Forums.

They’ve stated that Torchlight II will be officially released on Thursday September 20th, 2011. Just 3 weeks away!

This is awesome for a number of reasons. For starters Torchlight was a very well crafted dungeon crawler, and Torchlight 2 looks to improve upon it in every way. The most notable change: Multiplayer! I’m also stoked to see more complaining asshats leave the Diablo III forums in favor of Torchlight II. In many of their eyes Guild Wars 2 and Torchlight II are the epitome of gaming, and this makes Diablo III but only fodder for their vocabulary cannons. It’ll be nice to see the forums clean up, if only for a short while.


In a post made on the Skyrim forms by Bethesda’s Global Community Lead has me, and I’m sure many other PS3 owners, a little nervous. It is stated that they have been experiencing issues with DLC performance on the PS3, which is why Dawnguard has not yet reached the platform. Bethesda goes so far as to state “This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content.”

Is that disheartening or what? Ah well, I still have a couple hundred hours of the main campaign to complete and at least a dozen other games to play on various consoles. Let’s hope they do figure it out soon tho.

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