Friday Five – Things We Want To See Call of Duty Do


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This weeks category: Things We Want To See Call of Duty Do!

We missed last week’s Friday Five, but we had this topic waiting. A new Call of Duty recently released, and while it’s been getting some good reviews, we’re still interested to see the series go into some different directions. So this week we decided to list what those directions are!


  1. War of the Roses – Because it’s not really a war, and I think COD could use a little change.
  2. Civil War – This could be the best single player campaign ever!
  3. French Revolution – Assassin’s Creed is doing it already, but they apparently didn’t do a great job. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a ‘soldier’ in the streets of France while the people of throw the monarchy?
  4. The One Year War – Gundams, all of the Gundams!
  5. The Yuuzhan Vong War – Because we’ll never see this in the new Star Wars movies, a game may be the next best place.

Honorable Mention – Galactic Civil War – More Star Wars dammit!


  1. Medieval Warfare – With the mechanics they have been able to master, imagine being a knight in shining armor.
  2. Kaiju Warfare – Either battalions of kaiju fight each other or armies fighting against Kaiju
  3. Office Warfare – Imagine preparing reports for your boss, launching TPS reports to the higher ups, rubber band gun fights, and having to fire someone, the OMG moment, you have to choose to fire your wife or best friend
  4. Video Game Warfare – The whole point of the game is to pick what game to play, and then the system won’t work, so you have to fight with the settings.
  5. Cop Life – The everyday work of a cop, pulling people over, giving speeding tickets, resolving domestic disputes, maybe a gunfight or man hunt here and there, and car chases!


  1. Call of Duty: First World Problems – Open world, taking place in London. You play as an upperclassman that refuses to be disrespected. Another house of nobility said that your Mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Your job is to seek the family members down and publicly humiliate, and kill them, in a duel. Glove Slap!
  2. Call of Duty: War of the Outback – Australia is a cool place, but everything in Australia has been bred to kill humans. The animals have begun to revolt and slaughter city after city, and their next stop? America! You’re dropped into the Australian outback to quell the animal uprising. You die, a lot.
  3. Call of Duty: Pirates Life – What makes first person shooters better? PIRATES! Well, not just pirates, but everything involved with pirates. Rum, women, pillaging, and naval battles! Best part about this one, you can make a Modern Pirates Life sequel featuring the lame pirates that keep hijacking cruise ships. It will still feature rum, women, and pillaging.
  4. Call of Duty: Primal Warfare – DINOSAURS! Start with a caveman version using stone axes, spears, and sling shots. Thrown in a controversial mission where you play as a dinosaur that slaughters an entire village, and you have the makings of a great CoD! Just like the Pirates game, we can do a Modern Primal Warfare featuring some Jurassic Park shit to let you fight Dinosaurs with cool weapons! AND extend it further to Advanced Primal Warfare! FUTURE DINOSAURS!
  5. Call of Duty: Part Deux – The Reckoning – This game will be entirely designed around the concept of shitty 80’s action movies. Stupid names, lame plots, and a fuck ton of one liners that will make the most seasoned fan of puns cringe! Like the rest, it can be set in nearly any era just by throwing the Modern, Advanced, Primal, etc. modifier in the name! Call of Duty: Advanced Part Deux – The Reckoning!
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