Friday Five – Superhero Movies We Want To See


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This weeks category: Superhero Movies We Want To See

With Warner Brothers and DC announcing their full slate of movies, and all the speculating going on for what Marvel is brewing it’s only natural to wonder if your favorite hero will be seeing any screen time. So this week we decided to list all the superhero films we’d like to see made. Some are probably more likely than others, but after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy it would be dumb for any studio to count anyone out.


  1. Hawkeye – The only stipulation on this is that they do a freaking Fraction version of the character, well to an extent anyway.
  2. Black Widow – I think at this point if Marvel doesn’t make a Black Widow movie people will riot. Scarlett Johansson is killing it in the role and the character has some crazy history and all that fun stuff to keep a movie interesting.
  3. Winter Soldier – It’s inevitable at this point that Bucky won’t get a solo film, but odds are it’s going to be as Cap rather than Winter Soldier, and that’s fine he’s an awesome character. But seeing a movie based on Winter Soldier would be even cooler.
  4. Nightwing – Dick Grayson is just a fun character, he’s got almost the same back story as his mentor Batman, but where Bruce is all angst Dick is is more light hearted and fun.
  5. Swamp Thing – I know we had some Swamp Thing movies in the 80’s, but these character is way cooler than those movies made him out to be. Especially when you look at the recent New 52 run, there’s so much more there it would be awesome to see someone like Guillermo Del Toro go after the character with his love of practical effects over CGI

Honorable Mention: Inhumans – It seems like Marvel may go with them sooner or later, it only makes sense and Eric and I have speculated on this several times in conversation. But either way they’re a group of really cool characters and would be great for Marvel considering their lack of Mutants.



At this point, literally every super hero is getting a movie. For crying out loud, we’re getting a Warner Bros/DC AQUAMAN movie! If it exists as a comic, it’s coming to theaters. So here’s some, sort of, obscure ones.

  1. The Thunderbolts – This is highly likely at this point. DC is moving forward with Suicide Squad, and Thunderbolts is essentially Marvel’s version of the team. I just think it would be cool to see the Dark Avengers lineup as the Thunderbolts from the Dark Reign era. Lot’s of cross studios deals would need to be made for that one.
  2. Nemesis – Mark Millar’s Batman-esque supervillain comic is supposedly being worked on, and I can’t fucking wait. This villain is ruthless in his quest to literally destroy his enemies life, and what’s better is that it’s revealed that the role of Nemesis is sort of a “Pay for villainy” service. If you have the money, you can be the Nemesis and do what you want! It’s going to be awesome!
  3. Miles Morales Spider-Man – Last year I would not have picked this. I still miss Ultimate Pete and his friends, but Miles has really grown on me. It would be awesome to see his story, complete with the Death of Peter Parker, on screen!
  4. Super Dinosaur – Robert Kirkman is a strange man. On one hand he’s created one of the grittiest, dark comics on shelves which has translated amazingly to television. On the other hand, there’s Super Dinosaur! An intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a robot arm rig, that fights villains such as Terrordactyl and Trycerachops! It’s fucking genius!
  5. Squirrel Girl – Yep, I said it. She’s defeated Marvel’s greatest villains including Doctor Doom and Thanos, BY HERSELF! She’s currently being used as a Nanny… what a waste! Squirrel Girl is getting her own ongoing comic in 2015, so maybe there’s hope for this one!


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