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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers a little better with the help of a top five list. This weeks category: Spin offs.
I’m not the biggest fans of Spin Offs. traditionally they’re a terrible idea. Sometimes you get something great, but that’s only sometimes. Like, the idea that How I Met Your Mother may get a spin off into How I Met Your Father just doesn’t sit right with me. But Once Upon A Time getting a spin off in Wonderland, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, sound like a great idea. They’re very hit or miss. . . regardless of their quality here are out favorites.


  1. Torchwood. Not just a fancy anagram but also a good show featuring all types of sci-fi sexiness.
  2. The Chronicles of Riddick – Though it’s considered a “sequel” in the newly dubbed Riddick Trilogy, it didn’t start out that way and was conceived as a spin-off for the character.
  3. Super Princess Peach – That chick rocks, regardless of how much crying she has to do. She proves that Luigi isn’t the only one who can save Mario’s out of shape ass when he gets into trouble.
  4. Speaking of mario…. Super Mario Bros. – “Jumpman” has come a long way since trying to rescue his (Now ex-girlfriend) from Donkey Kong with whom he now casually plays sports, karts, and games with. Something tells me DK was doing Mario a solid. Women, right?
  5. And keeping it in the Mushroom Kingdom my fifth pick is Luigi’s Mansion! Luigi is far superior to Mario. There is no discussion. The only question is why it took Nintendo so long to realize this fact.

cast from Torchwood


  1. Darkwing Duck – Darkwing Duck was a spin-off of Ducktales, two of the best cartoons of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s
  2. Extreme Ghostbusters – A spin-off of The Real Ghostbusters, both shows were great, and is kind of an inspiration for the current volume of IDW’s Ghostbusters comics, well at least the first arc.
  3. Pinky And The Brain – You may not remember this, but Pink and the Brain didn’t always have their own show, they started out as a short part of the Animaniacs back in the day, but they were still always trying to take over the world!
  4. Batman Beyond – This may not be a straight spin-off, but it’s close enough. Batman Beyond spun off from Batman The Animated Series, and while BTAS was amazing, I loved Batman Beyond!
  5. Wario Ware – The only game on my list, It was pretty much a spin-off of Wario Land games, which themselves were spin-offs of the Mario Land games, which as we all know was a spin off from Donkey Kong. . . Man Nintendo keeps their stuff connected!

darkwing duck


  1. Luigi’s Mansion – Always helping Mario save the Princess, but never getting the rewards. . . Until Mario is captured and Luigi has to step in to save the day! The best game on the Nintendo GameCube, and a fantastic game on the 3DS!
  2. Beast Wars – I got up early every morning just to watch this before school. My favorite Transformers tv show.
  3. Saved by the Bell – A spin-off of Good Morning, Miss Bliss, and one of the best shows ever.
  4. Iron Chef America – When I had cable this was a show I always watched! I also loved the original Japanese version too.
  5. Get Him to the Greek – It’s not an amazing movie, but Aldous Snow was one the the best characters from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It also helps that FSM is one of my favorite movies ever.

luigis mansion

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