Friday Five – Science Fiction!

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers a little better with the help of a top five list. This weeks category: Science Fiction.

Been a while since I did a Friday Five, but with Eric busy guess it’s about time! We’ve got a small group this week to so lets hope all our picks are interesting enough to keep you reading. This week we’re going on about our favorite things from Science Fiction in anticipation for the new Star Trek movie opening today. And don’t worry we don’t skimp on the Star Trek here! Now check out our picks below.


  1. A tie between two Giant World Destroying Spheres; The Technodrome from the 80’s TMNT cartoons and The Death Star. Though the Death Star had more powerful weapons the Technodrome had a GIANT EYE ON TOP! I rest my case. (Shout out to the InfoSphere from Futurama for being cool but not particularly menacing and V-Giney the world censoring death sphere)
  2. Everything from Futurama minus the two aforementioned World Threatening Death Spheres.
  3. Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy for being a badass space doctor.
  4. The TARDIS. Time travel is cool but would get boring after a while, but Time AND SPACE? Yeah, now we’re set. Not only the history of your own planet then but EVERY PLANET EVER. Oh and also, it translates every known language and gives you breathable air and can change into anything to blend in. Also it’s a live “person” with its own feelings and motives.
  5. The Mass Relays from Mass Effect. If you can’t have a TARDIS than Mass Relays are your best way to hope around the galaxy in no time. Seriously, like, NO TIME. Because you’re in a Mass Relay Field.



I love science fiction, whether it’s books, movies, shows pretty much anything. Granted I’m not a huge Star Trek fan which is what spawned this idea. Sure the 2009 movies was good, and I’m interested in the new one, but beyond that I’ve just never cared much. When it comes to things that start with Star I liked Star Wars better. That’s an argument for another time though.

  1. Aliens – Like a lot of mine, this is pretty broad, but really Aliens are usually pretty cool in sci fi movies. You’ve got Predator, ET, the things from Independence Day, and of course the Aliens from Alien(aka Xenomorphs), just to name a few. People have believed in beings from other planets forever, but sci fi movies make you wonder if you’d really want to meet them!
  2. Flying Things that Don’t normally Fly – I’m not talking about people, but rather cars, skateboards and the like. Hell if Doc Brown can make a Delorean fly why the hell don’t we have like a flying Audi or at least something that hovers a bit like a landspeeder from Star Wars.
  3. Teleportation/Faster than light travel – I don’t really like Star Trek, but I have to admit the idea of just teleporting to places is pretty cool and to my knowledge they were the first to think it up. On top of that being able to get other places faster than the speed of light would be pretty awesome.
  4. Ooze – Lots of movies have used Ooze like substances as a catalyst for the conflict or to get a story going. The best, and my favorite are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in pretty much all of their incarnations.
  5. The Force – John already picked this, but it really is pretty bad ass, you can influence others, move shit with your mind, and do all kinds of crazy superhero stuff pretty much by willing it to happen.


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