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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top five list. This week’s category: Pranks!

Pranks are great! If anyone ever tells you otherwise it’s because they’ve ended up on the “wrong” end of one and aren’t creative enough to retaliate. Those people are called cry babies! What they should do is seek assistance and do something awesome! Why not feed into a prank war? It’s not like it’ll end up with jackass level consequences.


  1. Phonebook Prank #1
  2. Phonebook Prank #2
  3. Filling Walnut’s Room with Balloons – I’m sure I won’t be the only person to list this one, but this is probably the best prank I’ve ever been a prank of!
  4. Up-Side-Down Internet – Screw having a password secure your wireless, let your neighbors steal it but screw with it so it sucks for them!
  5. Wrapping Boss’ desk in shrink wrap (and everything else in the office) – This one was fun too, last few days while working at Circuit City before it closed we wrapped the store managers desk, everything on it, and around it, in shrink wrap. What a way to waste an hour at work!



  1. Iced tea in a Coke bottle – When I was a kid I took an empty Diet Coke bottle from the recycling, rinsed it out and filled it with iced tea. About an hour later my dad went to get himself some soda, I heard him murmuring about how he just bought the bottle, how could it be flat. He spit it out and got so pissed. I was like 8, and it was hilarious.
  2. Water Pour – If I can find the video, I’ll post it. I saw it awhile ago. A group of guys pranking each other. The highlight of the video was one guy on the 2nd or 3rd story window, waiting for his roommate to leave the building, with a bucket of water. Before he has a chance to dump the bucket, another roommate dumps water on him from the roof.
  3. Jack-o-Lantern out the window – A bunch of kids attach a Jack-o-lantern to a dummy and drop it out a window as people walk by. The kids scream as the ‘body’ falls and the passerby thinks someone just jumped from the building.
  4. Brainiac Explosive Compound – Brainiac is/was a British Mythbusters. There was a recurring segment where one of the hosts/scientists explain that they’ve made an unstable compound that applies as a paste, but when it dries, if it’s agitated in any way, it explodes. I think my favorite one was when he put it on the toilet seat, under the lid, and when the next person lifts the lid, a loud popping/snapping sound and a small spark ensue.
  5. Inverted Desktop prank – Take a screenshot of the desktop, hide icons and start bar, flip the screen shot 180 degrees and set the wallpaper. Change orientation of monitor to rotate 180 degrees. Now the person won’t be able to click their ‘icons’ and the mouse will be inverted. And they’ll have to fix it ‘upside-down.’ Mega-prank, no. But it’s irritating enough that if you’re close by it’ll be fun to watch them fix it. (Tip for you if it happens to you, turn your mouse around)


desktop flipped upside down prank


  1. I don’t know if it counts as a prank, but, Google’s “Do a barrel roll” search is pretty fantastic.
  2. The “buttered floor roommate” prank.
  3. Replacing all the AAA batteries in the house with Smarties Candy.
  4. Switching babies between families at hospitals
  5. The classic. The only. The Whoopie-Cushion.


replace AAA batteries with smarties candy.


I love pranking my brother, Walnut. Mostly because he gets so mad about it! Every year I try to come up with something great, and it all started with Hannah Montana. I think Walnut feels like I’m out of ideas for good pranks. I’m not. I’m just out of money. . .

  1. Hannah Montana Birthday Surprise – This was the real start of it. I believe Walnut was turning 21 for this one. Small inside joke to preface it – our sister caught Walnut watching Hannah Montana one day. In all actuality he was probably playing a handheld and just let whatever she was watching on TV run. But, who cares?! I got everyone involved in it, all of our friends, our parents, everyone! I hung some nice Happy birthday balloons outside, just regular ones. Including an over the hill balloon, because it had Death on it, and he’s cool as shit! Inside the house we had Hannah Montana banners, balloons, plates, napkins, table cloths. Even all of his gifts were Hannah Montana related. What really set him off? My mom got him a Hannah Montana Birthday cake. It was classic!
  2. Room full of Balloons! – This was another awesome one. I think it was 2 – 3 years ago now. I knew he worked on April fools. So everyone got together and blew up TONS of balloons! Like. . . at least 500, easy! We blew them up at my house, and filled them all into plastic bags, and caravanned them over to my parents house. Dropped them in his room, along with a blow up sex doll, and reveled in it’s glory. But not too much, because we decided we needed more balloons! So we added another 300 or so! We then all hid in the balloons and waited for him to get home from work. It was phenomenal when we all popped out. Then he cried and made us help him clean it all up, like a bitch.
  3. The Sex Doll Returns! – Really, I don’t know why he got upset, but he did. Some backstory. When Walnut turned 21 I got him an “anime” blow up sex doll, along with the themed birthday. It was meant as a joke, nothing serious. I mean, I got him an xbox game too! But for some reason he got really emotional and upset about the sex doll. He was pissed all night. So I hid it in our room and it sat there forever. Later that year later Audra, Anthony, Walnut, and myself planned a trip to Florida. We had an awesome suite, with multiple rooms and a kitchen, it was bad ass. Quite a few hilarious stories came out of this one, but to top it off I packed the blow up doll in my suitcase. One night we went out, and Anthony and I snuck the blow up doll into Walnuts bathroom, blew it up and left it in the shower. We then forced Walnut to get a shower and when he saw it in there he got so pissed that he tried to stab it with a butter knife. Then locked himself in his room. Which he shared with Anthony. . . what a jerk!
  4. Jell-o Wake Up – This one had a lot of heart, but poor execution. I think it was last year, while Audra and Myself were deep into saving up for our wedding, so money was super tight. I got 3 alarm clocks, set them for various times, and stuck them in jell-o. Then snuck in his room at 2 am, and hid them throughout. He laughs this one off because the clocks didn’t go off. But I argue that they did, but they each cost $3, so we weren’t getting much sound out of them. I’d like to revisit this one some day.
  5. The Ring Call – This is one of the few pranks that wasn’t directly targeted at Walnut. My family decided to watch The Ring on DVD. None of us had seen it yet, but I knew the premise. There were some jumps and scares and what have you, but after it was over we were all pretty quiet. While everyone got up to get ready for bed the phone started ringing. My mom stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the phone. Everybody else was just stone faced, scared as hell. They all argued over who would answer it, and eventually the ringing stopped. After a sigh of relief, it rang again. Finally my mom answers and I pulled my cell phone up and said “GOTCHA!” Super lame, but still hilarious.


Walnut in a room full of balloons.

is not a boss.

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