Friday Five – Legend of Zelda Items

Legend of Zelda Items
Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know some of our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This week’s category: Legend of Zelda items!
If dungeons and bosses are part of the equation that makes Zelda so important, then the items must be the lifeblood of the series. Each dungeon, and boss, is designed around a specific item. When you find a new item in a dungeon, you know the rest of the dungeon is going to teach you how to use it effectively. And if you don’t learn how to use it, well. . . expect to have a bad time on the boss for that level. There are a ton of items in the series, but many of them are as simple as they were in the very first game in the series. Read on to see which ones are our favorites and tell us yours in the comments below!


  1. Hookshot/Longshot (Multiple) – This item was ridiculously helpful, not only could you use it to pull yourself across things, it was great for grabbing items. Especially in the 3D games like Ocarina of Time.
  2. Magic Boomerang (LTTP) – The Boomerang is such a classic LoZ weapon, and I’ve always loved the upgraded one in A Link To The Past. Not so much because it goes further or anything, but how you get it. Finding that random cave with the fairy and throwing the right item in gets you an upgrade. Come on that’s just cool.
  3. Master Sword (Multiple) – I don’t care which game you’re playing, if it has a Master Sword it’s god damn epic. The first time I got it was in A Link To The Past, and wandering through the woods early in the game to that happy tunnel of trees and forest animals to this strange sword in a block of stone was awesome to a 10 year old. Of course it was really disappointing to learn I couldn’t get it yet, but going back after battling the first three dungeons and finally getting the sword was the best thing ever!
  4. Fairy Bow (OOT) – The Bow and Arrows were always a good weapon in any game, but they made all the difference in Ocarina of Time, and you could even fire them from horse back.
  5. Flute/Ocarina (Multiple) – Everyone remembers the Ocarina from it’s namesake title. But how about the earlier versions like the recorder in LoZ or the flute in LttP. Like many great Zelda memories mine come from Link to the Past when you have to go digging for it in that grove. I remember being very young and spending hours trying to find it, and not knowing what certain words meant. Fellow One-Quest writer Drootin and I spent way too long looking for this item, and using a dictionary to find out what the hell a Grove and Orchard were.

Toon Link Hookshot


Its been awhile since I’ve done one of these but it’s been awhile since I felt like I’ve been comfortable commenting on the topic. Anyway I love LoZ: A Link to The Past so I can pick 5 weapons from that game. And yes I remember playing LttP with Cobb and taking forever to find the flute.

  1. Master Sword – Is there really another choice?
  2. Ice Wand – It was always fun to freeze enemies and smash them. It was extra helpful in areas with many enemies to level the playing field.
  3. Quake magic – my favorite of all the spells in LttP. It just had the most fun animation in my memory.
  4. Upgraded Boomerang – Being able to toss the boomerang the entire screen became super helpful in LttP.
  5. Bow & Arrow – The bow was very powerful in LttP and some enemies could only be killed with it

Master Sword in the Lost Woods


I’ve played and completed most of the Legend of Zelda games, but not all. . . I should get around to that some time.

  1. Bombs – Multiple – A series must, along with the sword and shield combo, boomerang, and bow and arrow. The bombs are way cooler than the other items because they explode! The explosion looked amazing in Wind Waker.
  2. Mole Mitts – Minish Cap – They were used to dig through walls and such in Minish Cap. Link could also use them to dig through clouds. Because clouds require you to dig through them.
  3. Double Shot – Twilight Princess – It was awesome getting the doubleshot. Up until this game Link could only ever grapple onto one thing and swing over to it, end of story. With the Double Shot he could do a pretty decent Spider-Man impression.
  4. Skull Hammer – Wind Waker – There are hammers in a lot of the Zelda games, but the Skull Hammer is by far the coolest! I mean, it’s pretty weak to fight with, but it looks so bad ass!
  5. Triforce – Multiple – Win! Nobody else mentioned the single most important item in the entire series. The binding force that threads the fate of Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda together. One of the most symbolic items in gaming.


is not a boss.

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