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Marvel heroes
Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list. This weeks category: Heroes.
Last week we went over our favorite villains, so naturally we shift gears this week. Heroes can be defined by many aspects, but it looks like we focused on the “Fighting bad guys” one. Which is ok, but if you have some other heroes to add, for whatever reason, then feel free to drop a comments in the section below!



  1. Spider-Man – The eternally tormented teenager/ college boy. Even though every one of his arcs has been drama on top of drama the stories still show through making spiderman the relatable every person that people can relate to.
  2. Batman – Who doesn’t love a self made man? Minus the millions.
  3. Green Lantern (but only AFTER Rebirth storyline) – Green Lantern used to be a joke. His weakness was the color yellow. School Buses used to cause him pain. Since Geoff Johns took on GL and made him a serious force to reckon with in the DC universe.
  4. Mario Mario – I mean, he’s heroic, but, everyone thinks he does it for the princess. I think he does it for even less. Cake. Ever since the N64 version he’s gotten a little plumper every time. I doubt that he’s ever been with the Princess and after rescuing her finds a corner of a dark room and just cries into the cake.
  5. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch – He has the potential to destroy the universe and he has decided to live on Earth as a dog for a grade schooler. Good guy.

Spider-Man in Rain



  1. Batman – Who doesn’t like Batman? He hasn’t got any real super powers, but he’ll willingly go up against some of the craziest most powerful villains in the DC Universe.
  2. The Doctor – He travels all of space and time and saves people and worlds from terrible fates. And he does it all without a ton of violence. In fact his primary ‘weapon’ isn’t even a weapon!
  3. The Power Rangers – The Mighty Morphin variety anyway, I didn’t watch much of the later series’, but the original will always be the best, and these teenagers with attitude spent a long time saving the earth from aliens.
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – They’re not even human and they kick foot clan ass to protect people!
  5. Han Solo – While yes Luke’s more of the ‘hero’ in the movie I’d say Han is the better of the two. He doesn’t need any hokey religions or ancient weapons with a good blaster by his side.

Batman, Catwoman, and Black Canary


If we need to pick comic book heroes, then it’s obvious Spider-Man tops my list. However, everyone else seems to have listed him. So, to avoid sounding like a broken record I’ll leave out the obvious characters of Spider-Man and Batman. Instead I’ll opt for a few other heroes I look up to.

  1. Solid Snake – My top villain was Big Boss. Obviously his counterpart, and his epic mullet/moustache combo, would have to take the lead in the top heroes list. Solid Snake is a clone of every dominant gene from Big Boss. Solid Snake has saved the world numerous times, and thusly deserves my top spot.
  2. Link – The Hero of Time. Destined to save the Princess from terrible darkness. Link is one of the most iconic heroes in modern history.
  3. Luigi Mario – Brother to Mario Mario, and the other half of the “Mario Bros.” ensemble, Luigi is often left behind. The fame of his older, yet shorter, brother generally leaves him in the background. However, Luigi has proven himself to be a true hero a number of times. Even going so far as rescuing his brother from evil by himself.
  4. Sora – Destined to be a Keyblade master, Sora has proven himself a true hero time and time again. His heart is so powerful that he has even come back from being turned into a Heartless, and defeated some truly evil beings.
  5. Desmond Miles – Altho the ending of Assassin’s Creed III was an absolute let down, it was wonderful to see just how much Desmond had grown since he was first introduced 5 games earlier in Assassin’s Creed. He went from douchey bartender, to top tier assassin, and his journey was a great one to follow. On top of that, he sacrificed himself so that we could continue living. That’s a true hero.

Honorable Mention: Ratchet (and Clank) – This duo is one of the most lovable pair of heroes you could find. They’re hilarious, and they have some amazing firepower. Add a whole bunch of galaxy spanning adventures, which usually ends with them saving the universe, and you have one epic team.
Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4

is not a boss.

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