Friday Five – Fictional Places You Wouldn’t Want To Live

Friday Five Fictional Place You Wouldn't Want To Live
This weeks Friday Five was a tricky one for some of us, but we got things done and figured out those fantasy realms that we’d hate to be stuck in.


Your list favorite place to live is a tough one. I can think of hundreds of places that would be awesome to live both fictional and real. Some of my picks might seem a little weird since the places are essential pretty ideal, but I have my reasons.

  1. Metropolis from Superman – Because I hate Superman, and not only that but it’s just a normal city I could live anywhere else why would I want to live someplace like that. I have no desire to see a creep in tights flying through the sky.
  2. Midgar Slums from Final Fantasy VII – We never get to see the non-slums of Midgar other than the Shinra building so I couldn’t say if the whole city sucks. Considering it looks like hell all the time it probably is. But we know the slums suck, not only is life lame down there but the god damn upper levels can fall on you at the whim of the megalomaniacal cooperation ruling you.
  3. The Shire from The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings – Hobbits are annoying, they’re generally pretty boring and I would hate to live in a god damn hole. It’s certainly a pretty place to live, but if I was going to live in Middle Earth it would totally be Rivendale
  4. Any Space Station from any Gundam Series – These things may be awesome in theory, and the earth is usually kind of a crap hole by the time people move into them. The problem is something bad always happens, either they blow up, someone crashes them into the earth, you know general bad things that could cause death. The only redeeming factor is there’s a chance you could pilot a Gundam.
  5. Tatooine from Star Wars – Generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of heat. I’d rather it was cold than hot, so to live on a planet with 2 suns that was a huge desert seems like a huge pile of suck.

The Daily Planet in Metropolis


Let me start out by saying that this is, by far, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to think about! I love the games I play, movies I watch, comics I read, and the worlds they exist in! I can’t really come up with some I hate…

  1. Water World – I’m not a huge fan of swimming, so this is out. If things are going to go all post apocalyptic on us then I openly welcome settings like The Capital Wasteland and even The Walking Dead world. Rule #1: Cardio.
  2. City 17 – Half Life 2 started off in City 17. It was bleak. People were sad. Combine guards randomly beat people. It wasn’t awesome. Then Gordon Freeman showed up and rocked the Combines’ asses and retook the city! I would love to be in City 17 then! But not before then. Not at all.
  3. Teletubbie Land(?) – It’s bright, colorful, and the sun has a babies goddamned face in it! Fuck that place!
  4. Bedrock – The Flintstones are cool and all, but Bedrock sucks! You’re tellin me that in the stone age I still gotta have a 9-5 to earn fucking rocks to trade for shit! Nope, not gonna have it! If i’m going to live in a world without technology as we know it, then give me Tamriel!
  5. The DC Universe – With the exclusion of Batman, all of these guys suck!

Fred Flintstone breaking rocks, to make rocks

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