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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list. This weeks category is: Favorite PS3 Games.

It’s Friday again, so it’s time for the Friday Five! Last week with the launch of the PS4 we talked about our favorite PS3 titles, this week to go along with the release of Xbox One we’re doing it about Xbox 360 games. So lets get to it already!


  1. Mass Effect 2 – Well to be honest I haven’t finished the last Mass Effect yet, but I played the first 2 and probably about half the of third. And out of that I definitely enjoyed the second one the best. While the games were drastically different I was pulled into the second game the most and enjoyed the story more than the first one.
  2. Bioshock – I only actually played the first Bioshock on Xbox, and I didn’t even beat it entirely on my own. At the time it came out I worked at Gamestop and spent saw just as much of the game while other people played it as I did while I played it. But it was still a great game, and one of only a few first person game I actually enjoyed. Someday I’ll get around to playing Infinite too.
  3. Earth Defense Force 2017 – This game is pretty ridiculous, and while I haven’t played it for years I loved running around fighting giant bug alien monsters. This was another one of those games I played with working in a Gamestop and it was a great way to kill them.
  4. Castle Crashers – If you have a 360 and you didn’t play Castle Crasher we’ll you’re doing it all wrong. I know it was eventually released on PS3 a couple years after 360, but that’s not important. This was one of those games that were inexpensive, didn’t require a trip to the store, and had all the right kinds of fun in it, and plenty of humor.
  5. Halo 3 – I only actually played the first 3 Halo games, never played any of the side games either. Out of those first three though I enjoyed the final one the most. I’ve heard, and you’ll see it later on in this list, that later titles were even better but this is pretty much where the saga ended for me and it was fun.



  1. Halo 4
  2. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
  3. Fable 3
  4. Dead or Alive 4
  5. Beautiful Katamari



  1. Mass Effect (Series) – Impossible to pick one as they change gameplay types every chapter. One was a superbly crafted RPG experience. Two, a balanced RPG and tactical cover-based shooter. Three the action packed adventure closing out the series quite decisively.
  2. Bioshock – This game may have only taken 5 hours to complete but I spent so much time in Rapture someone should have been charging me rent. The atmosphere in Rapture was the first in a video game to ever make me feel like the environment itself was out to get me. Hearing Big Daddies lumber around with their companions. Contemplating the risk and calculating the reward. Bioshock was a game of choices so much more than if you save or harvest the sisters. It took the kid gloves off and treated the player as an adult. Something games dont often do anymore.
  3. Halo (Tie between Reach and 4) – This was tough… Halo: Reach is Bungie’s best effort on the system and a heartfelt goodbye to the franchise that got them so far with one of the most polished and perfected multiplayer modes on Xbox Live. On the other hand Halo 4 has some of the best graphics on the 360 to date and greatly benefits from a fresh set of hands on the franchise.
  4. Left 4 Dead – Though it was arguably better on the PC, I spent so many hours on Xbox Live playing with friends in the house. It was like a month long LAN party screaming from room to room. Teamwork was the key and Valve sent that message home in one hard package.
  5. Guitar Hero 3 – I don’t think this disc left my 360 for a year solid. It still didn’t have online multiplayer but that was a small price to pay. I will accept any challenge to this day.



I don’t own an xbox, but my brother has one. So when I lived at home I played it a bit. Not too much tho. . . :p

  1. Gears of War – I feel like people were more into it for the shock value of curb stomping enemies and chainsawing them in half. I, however, thought the premise was interesting, despite the script sounding like it was written by a 12 year old. An alien invasion from the inside. However, I never understood why the humans fought so hard and didn’t just up and leave. . . SHIIIIIIT!
  2. Blue Dragon – This was one of the only reasons I played xbox, and one of 3 games I personally purchased for the console. It was a fantastic game, with outstanding music, and beautiful visuals. It’s a shame the 360 couldn’t handle the special effects during combat.
  3. Lost Odyssey – This is one of the 3 game I purchased as well. It’s from the same studio as Blue Dragon, but held a more adult feel. No more cartoony characters, instead we have beautiful realistic visuals, and a story about an immortal struggling with living forever. Pretty deep stuff.
  4. Mass Effect – I hold the first one in higher regards than the second. It felt more like an RPG than the second game did. I understand why BioWare made the decision to change it, but I preferred the exploration, and slow reward method of ME over the run and gun methods of it’s sequels.
  5. Braid – This is one of those indie games that I love and hate. I love it because it is genius from gameplay to story telling. I hate it because some of it’s puzzles were absolutely insane to solve. Also, it’s creator is one of those pretentious types that swears his works are better than that of Shakespeare. Learn some humility man!


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