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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top five list. This weeks category: Favorite Walking Dead Characters,
We’re on Season 4 of the popular zombie apocalypse drama, and that means we’ve met quite a few likeable, and unlikeable, characters. Some stand out as the series heroes, some are over hyped, and some. . . well they just suck and will never make it to the top five of anyone’s lists. Everyone has different opinions about every character, and that’s what makes this so interesting. So read on, and tell us who your favorites are in the comments sections below!


  1. Tyrese – I only read a couple volumes of the comic, but Tyrese was awesome from his first introduction. Last season they finally introduced him to the show, and while he didn’t make that much of an impact at the start, he definitely looks like he’ll be getting a better role as this season goes on.
  2. Glenn – Come on who doesn’t like Glenn? He’s kind of a nerd, but he managed to fight off a walker while tied down to a freaking chair! Which one of you would be able to do that huh? He also saved Rick which was nice of him considering people outside (and occasionally inside) their group seem to just all be hate filled jerks.
  3. Hershel – I go through phases with Hershel sometimes he’s pretty cool, others I wish he would just die. Ever since that episode where he gets drunk with Rick at that bar I’ve enjoyed him more. He’s not so out of his mind at this point, that moved over to Officer Grimes.
  4. Daryl – At this point I think everyone just loves Daryl, he’s the cool guy that everyone wants to win the Zombiocalypse.
  5. Merle – Merle is just such a hateable guy that you love him. He was a terrible human being, but exactly the Batman you need for this situation. Or something like that anyway.



  1. Daryl – Daryl isn’t in the comic book and was a great addition to the show. I think he’s come a long way since episode 2(?) when he’s introduced.
  2. Glenn – Here’s another character that’s really come a long way. When you meet him in the Walking Dead game, I felt some excitement to learn more about this character.
  3. Dale – The voice of Rick’s reason many times, I felt Dale helped the group quite a bit.
  4. T-Dog – Great soldier for the group. Dependable and really likeable as a character.
  5. Carl – Carl started out as kind of a whiney brat that grew up pretty fast. I know we’re supposed to stick to the show, but I’m current with the books and can’t wait for Carl to break out of his shell.



  1. Glenn – He’s been my favorite character since the moment he was introduced. He brought humor, and filled out the group well by being the guy willing to do stuff, unwillingly. . .
  2. Maggie – The farmers daughter turned out to be one of the most likeable characters on the show, and probably the only female lead I don’t hate.. She’s not annoying like her sister, not a bitch like Lori, and she’s not Andrea.
  3. Tyrese – I hear he’s a book favorite, and so far I find his character very entertaining on the show. Can’t wait to get more screen time from him.
  4. The Governor – His character worked so well in every way. He was/is insane in every way. But he’s awesome.
  5. Milton – The Governors science guy. I was really rooting for him to make it through the end of last season. It would have been awesome to see him integrate with the main cast more.



  1. T-Dog – He had zero development as a character until the episode he died. While I disagree with how the show has handled black male actors (only one at a time?) I did come to love T-Dog in spite of his awful character development.
  2. Dale – As a comic fan I was very upset with how Dale went out on the show. That being said, his show counterpart was a shadow of the comic Dale. Good thing is that we didn’t have to suffer the relationship between Dale and Andrea.
  3. Karl – This kid just does not give ANY fucks. “Karl, stay here”, NOPE. “Karl, don’t follow us” NOPE. “Karl, zombies are dangerous” NOPE. Karl does what Karl wants. Karl killed Karl’s mama. Karl is badass.
  4. Merle – I hate Merle. That mostly why I love him. Let’s be honest, in a zombocalypse (Google auto-corrected that word for me… HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?) this is mostly the kind of people you would find. Despite all that it was nice to see him redeemed before he took the big dirt nap.
  5. Hershel – Hershel is the only level headed person after he finally lets go of his farm and accepts the new world around him. Honestly, if he can whittle himself a new leg, then he should turn those crutches into some badass weapons.


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