Friday Five – Favorite TV Characters

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This weeks category: Favorite TV Characters.
Last week, we discussed characters we can’t stand or just don’t really love. This week is the exact opposite! Only characters you keep coming back to TV shows for. Good thing there’s so many of ’em to choose from!


  1. Gregory House – House – House was easily one of my favorite shows when it aired, even in that final season when it wasn’t quite as good, and that’s all thanks to the title character. Hugh Laurie did an amazing job playing House, and I still end up watching the marathons on TV when I can.
  2. The Doctor – Who doesn’t love The Doctor honestly? Even when a new one takes over the character is still amazing!
  3. Shawn Spencer – Psych – It was a depressing day recently when it was confirmed Psych will be ending this year. But Shawn has easily been one of the best leading characters on tv since the show started, and hopefully we see him and Gus back again for a movie or something.
  4. Ron Swanson – Parks & Rec – Anyone that loves Bacon and wood working that much has to be the greatest man alive.
  5. Dexter Morgan – Dexter – I’m not through with Dexter yet so I haven’t hit the parts that people tend to not enjoy. So far though Dexter is a pretty compelling character and all the stupid things that go on around him make it even more interesting to see how does what he does.

house md


  1. Walter Bishop – Fringe: How could a person NOT love Walter? Equal parts childish whimsy and mad scientist this man was hell bent on saving his son whether it was from this universe or another. He made a few mistakes that cost him and the people around him dearly but his compassion and ultimate sacrifice in the end made the world whole again.
  2. Charles Bartowski – Chuck: Chuck was working in a retail electronics store with skills way above his paygrade. Going nowhere and expelled from Stanford he was content to toil away as a retail slave with his best friend… That is until an old frenemy comes into play and turns him into the man he always thought he could be. In the process he reconciles with his family and finds love in a CRAZY HOT Yvonne Strahovski. In the end his heart and loyalty are what keep you invested in the character way past when the show got stale.
  3. Murray – Flight of the Conchords: Murray has a heart of gold and just wants to manage a really cool band. As manager for Flight of the Conchords Murray handles all the important things like press releases, Little New Zealand opening concerts and bus tours, booking gigs and most importantly making sure the band has PLENTY of hair gel. Though his brief stint as a successful band manager almost had him leave the boys, he quickly came to his senses when he ran out of money.
  4. Stephen Colbert – The Colbert Report: Changing his name wasn’t enough (It’s pronounced Col-Bert to the rest of his family) Stephen had to invent a whole new person for his new show. Radically different from the real Steve, Stephen is a right-wing bleeding heart conservative who knows that President Bush was either a great president or probably the greatest president of all time (Don’t tell the ghost of Reagan or his dog Rex). Colbert slathers his guests in a satire so deep in the first few years no one actually knew if he was serious or not. Also, slathered satire sounds delicious.
  5. Tywin Lanister – Game of Thrones: Peter Dinklage…. SO BAD ASS.

Walter Bishop


  1. Arya Stark – Game of Thrones – come one, this girl is bad ass.
  2. Dexter Morgan – Dexter – but only if you ignore the final episode.
  3. The Hound – Game of Thrones – He’s actually a bit more complex of a character than people who don’t know his story realize.
  4. Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly – I thought he had a great character. Probably my favorite episodes is when he and Wash are taken “hostage”. It really showed the kind of person Mal was.
  5. Fitz and Simmons – Agents of Shield – Cheating a little, but come on, neither would be as funny if they didn’t have the other.

Arya Stark


    I’m sticking with shows currently on TV.

  1. Coulson – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – He’s dry, nearly humorless, and 100% awesome. If he wasn’t the lead of the show, I’d probably not have been as interested.
  2. Monroe – Grimm – This show has been nothing short of fantastic since it started, and most of that is because of Monroe.
  3. Captain Killian “Hook” Jones – Once Upon A Time – I’ve been watching this show from the beginning. With it’s hokey special effects, outlandish liberties with the properties, and Captain Hook, I just can’t stop watching. Hook is just so god damned cool!
  4. Ron Swanson – Parks and Recreation – He’s the manliest man on TV. He’s hilarious. I just wish I could grow a moustache half as awesome as his.
  5. Mitchell Pratchett – Modern Family – I haven’t watched the show from the beginning, but I’ve been catching reruns on The CW recently. I love this show, and Mitchell has got to be my favorite character on the show.

Agent Coulson

is not a boss.

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