Friday Five – Favorite Movies From Before Our Time


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with a top 5 list. This week’s category: Favorite Movies From Before Our Time

After a week off, the Friday Five has returned. This week we’re listing our Favorite Movies From Before Our Time, so basically movies we love from before we were born. Our ages are all pretty close around here, most of us just a few months apart actually. So you’ll definitely see some themes in our picks.


I really like movies, and some of my favorites get listed by some of the others later on, like Indiana Jones or Star Wars. So I tried to go with some different ones than what everyone else had for the most part.

  1. Young Frankenstein – Mel Brooks makes some great movies, Spaceballs is probably my favorite, but alas that was made after I was born. Young Frankenstein is an easy runner up though. Gene Wilder is awesome, and the movie in general is just hilarious.
  2. Clue – Originally I had Empire Strikes Back on here, then I was looking at a list of the top movies of the 1980s and I saw Clue came out before I was born. Now that is how you do a movie based on a board game. Those idiots that made Battleship should have taken a note from this movie!
  3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – This movie just barely is eligible for me, it released less than a month before I was born. Regardless of that this is a fantastic movie, even now 28 years later it still holds up.
  4. Ghostbusters – I’m even looking forward to the new one. . . but serious Ghostbusters should be in everyone’s list dammit!
  5. Back to the Future – I’m a little surprised no one else mentioned Back to the Future, who doesn’t enjoy the time traveling antics of Doc Brown and Marty.



  1. Gremlins
  2. The Producers
  3. Beetlejuice
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. The Breakfast Club



    I think I’m noticing a theme about my interests…

  1. Alien – Suspense, horror, an alien. In space, no one can hear you scream! This movie is outstanding, and a classic everyone needs to see. Also, the cat lives, so bonus points.
  2. Star Wars – A New Hope – I chose this because it introduced me to the fantastic universe of Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of the OT, but A New Hope get’s the credit for being there first.
  3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind – My dad introduced me to this one, and I was immediately entranced. People haunted by visions, set out on a journey and discover that we’ve had contact with aliens! Super awesome movie!
  4. 2001 A Space Odyssey – Just… perfection. One of Stanley Kubrick’s best! You have no excuse for not seeing this movie.
  5. Blade Runner – I still don’t understand what the hell happened in this movie, but for 1982 it’s a god damned feat to have produced this movie. The look and feel are incredible! I should probably watch it again.



  1. The Omen – This is my favorite movie of all time. I grew up on horror films and this one really stuck with me.
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey – This move always made me think about full circle plots. My interpretation was that as the universe progressed it eventually reverted to birth. And then the sequel happened.
  3. Star Wars – I remember my dad showing me this movie when I was a kid and it blew me away.
  4. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark – I actually grew up watching Temple of Doom and I thought it was fantastic. When it was brought to my attention that there were other movies and better ones I couldn’t believe it.
  5. The Shining – This was such a strange movie, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t in most people’s top 20-50 list.


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