Friday Five – Favorite Candy


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This weeks category: Favorite Candy!

Everyone loves candy, and it’s Halloween, so it only makes sense that this week we list our Favorite Candy!


  1. Reese’s Cups – I like peanut butter and chocolate this makes perfect sense.
  2. KitKats – I don’t even know, they’re just awesome.
  3. Twizzlers – Fuck red vines, Twizzlers are way better.
  4. Almond Joys or Mounds – coconut is awesome.
  5. Butterfinger – I prefer these, in the fun size or even better the BB’s which I don’t think exist anymore.



  1. Fudge – specifically from the Jersey shore
  2. Peanut M&Ms – plain M&Ms are gross and all the others are ok
  3. Twizzlers – all bags of twizzlers should be re-sealable
  4. Almond Joy/Mounds – coconut is awesome, I feel bad for those of you that don’t like it
  5. Swedish Fish – what do these even taste like?



  1. Snickers – The ultimate candy. I had a hard time not buying these daily when I was younger.
  2. Heath – I somewhat recently discovered the joy of toffee. Heath is as close to the dream as it gets.
  3. Butterfinger – Nobody lays a finger on my Butterfinger!
  4. Kitkat – 4 bars for me. Get your own.
  5. Peanut M&Ms – The best M&M. All other M&Ms aspire to be peanut M&Ms.



  1. Reese’s cups – preferably the holiday ones because they have more peanut butter in them.
  2. Nestle crunch bars
  3. Poprocks
  4. Sour gummy worms
  5. Sour patch kids



  1. Reese’s Cups – Halloween pumpkin and Christmas tree shaped cups have the best chocolate to peanut butter ratio.
  2. Goobers/Mr Goodbar – they’re the same thing, basically.
  3. Gonna cheat, Snow Caps – how is this cheating? I only really like them when they’re in movie theatre popcorn, but then they are amazing.
  4. Peanut Chews – I could, and have, eat a 3lb bag in a sitting.
  5. Ferrero Rocher – A whole hazelnut, covered in Nutella, inside a wafer ball, dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed hazelnut.<
  6. /ol>


    1. Reeses PB Cups! – Like, seriously. Put them in the freezer.
    2. Razzles – It’s candy… THEN IT’S GUM. WHAAAAAAT?!
    3. Sour Patch Kids – I could do without the sweet part, but those sour babies are delicious
    4. Cadbury Cream Eggs – The OG. Lick out all the filling.
    5. Kit Kat – Because wafers are cool


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