Friday Five – Characters You Love to Hate

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This week: Characters you love to hate!
So, we all end up hating a specific character so much, in anything really, that we just can’t stand their existence but don’t want them to go away at all! Loki is like that. We know he’s up to no good, but we love him all the same. Well, this is our tribute to those character that you just love to hate!


  1. LokiMarvel Cinematic Universe – I think Loki may fall into a slightly different category, he’s more of a character you hate that you love. He’s kind of a douche, started an alien invasion, tried multiple times to take over asgard and the 9 realms, he’s just not nice. But at the same time, he’s just cool, and sometimes even does kind of the right thing like in Thor: The Dark World. There’s a reason why when Tom Hiddleston came out on stage of Comic Con dressed in full Loki gear people lost their shit. He’s just a super charismatic and likable bad guy, and that’s just right for the Norse God of Mischief.
  2. Superior Spider-Man (Otto)Superior Spider-Man – It’s crazy to think that a little more than a year ago Doc Ock took out Peter Parker and became the new Superior Spider-Man. All of Docs memories merged with Pete’s body. In his defence, he only meant to use the body for evil, but through reliving Pete’s important moments decided to instead become a hero, the best hero, the Superior Spider-Man. And you know what, as much as it suckd, he did a pretty good job. Sure his methods were 100% villainy. He had henchmen, giant robots, and a island base. But for the most part he cleaned up the city, he also got Pete’s life mostly on track, though he also sacrificed a lot of other parts of it. That’s one of the reasons you love to hate him, he’s still a bad guy at heart, and some of his decisions just make you want to punch him in the face, but he’s still trying to be the good guy at the end of the day. Frankly, at the end Otto finally became the true hero, and that’s kinda what matter right? Now we’ll just have to wait and see if/when Doc Ock will make a return to comics.
  3. King JoffreyGame of Thrones – This kid is such a douche, every scene he’s in you just want to watch someone come up behind him and filet him. And every episode he just gets worse and worse, you never think he can, but he does. And you know what, the show just wouldn’t be the same without him. Joffrey is such an unlikable character, aside from his mother I’m pretty sure nobody likes him in the show or books. And I must say, he’s a terrible little shit in the books, but he’s a whole lot worse in the show.
  4. Ben LinusLost – Ben was such a weird character, sometimes he was kinda good, other times he was bad. He wasn’t against killing an innocent to protect himself or the island. He was the first real villain on Lost. At the point Ben came in it was just people trying to survive, sure they’d had problems with the ‘others’ a bit, but then Ben came in and things just exploded. He was really the point in the show where things got crazy, and the whole time you just kind of hated him, but loved it when he was in a scene at the same time. I guess in the end he kind of redeemed himself, maybe?
  5. The Governor The Walking Dead – This guy is ridiculous, I’m sure almost everyone is familiar with the Governor from the TV series, he had this wonderful quality to be a monster, but still likable. You hated everything he did, but felt bad for him at the same time. He walked this crazy line right up until he started cutting people’s heads off that we actually cared about. But then you jump over to the comic book version, and he’s so wildly different. Within just the few couple pages he’s introduced he cuts of a main characters hand just to show he can, and then spends a couple issues rapeing another, while making a third listen next door. The guy was a straight up monster, and mostly got what he deserved, but not before he took a real toll on the group we’d come to follow and care about. And while I haven’t gotten far enough to see some of the later ‘villians’, the Governor really made an impact on the book and the show, and sure you hate him, but could you imagine him just not being there at all?



So if you somehow by now haven’t noticed, I don’t really get too deep into lots of TV or movies, I do however have a massive emotional investment into Philadelphia sports teams. These are the players I despise and love hating them and booing them.

  1. John TavaresBuffalo Bandits (NLL) – He’s the National Lacrosse League record holder for games played, goals, assists, and points and always been a thorn in the Wings side. I hate him but unlike the rest of this list I have massive respect for him.
  2. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) – He’s one of the most skilled players in the NHL but he’s such a bitch. If anyone touches him he instantly starts whining to the refs looking for a penalty call. It pisses me off that he’s so talented and on the Flyers cross-state rival.
  3. Tony RomoDallas Cowboys (NFL) – I hate Tony Romo and I’m glad he sucks. Screw the Cowboys.
  4. Bryce Harper Washington Nationals (MLB) – The youngest player on this list and while I don’t really care about baseball as much as the other 3 sports I’ve mentioned he just seems like a douchebag and annoys me.
  5. Wii & WiiU – Because Eric said so I will put them on here. These systems suck. Yes the Wii is second only to the PS2 in console sales it was a total gimmick and no one bought games for it. The WiiU has been a massive flop for Nintendo and could very well winding up selling less consoles than the Dreamcast. It is under powered with a junk online system and no games outside of Nintendo’s 1st party and that can only carry Nintendo so far. (That said I’m looking forward to the new Smash Bros.)

John Tavares


  1. King Joffrey, of the houses Baratheon and Lannister. First of his name. Epitome of the mewling quim.
  2. Zack King of the Nerds Season 2 – This guy was such a douche, but he hung around till like the final 4.
  3. Negan The Walking Dead – This guy, you know? Fuck this guy.
  4. BillyChumscrubber – So if you’ve never seen this movie… Local drug connection kills himself so this kid Billy, along with his girlfriend and their friend, kidnap who they think is the dealer’s best friends’ brother, but it’s the wrong kid. Solution? Try to kill the kid before you get caught. I watch this movie every 6 months or so, I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure, but I love watching this kid be a dick.
  5. The last one is a tie for me

  6. Simon PhoenixDemolition Man
  7. Sid 6.7 Virtuosity – Two serial killers running around making bad jokes and whose soul purpose is making the life of the protagonist miserable. Cliche, but they’re such great characters.

King Joffrey


  1. Drootin – Ok, not technically a character per se. But if he were, he’d be the worst goddamned character ever! We’ve been friends since the beginning of times and we only like about 5 of the same things: Boobs, Star Wars, Diablo, Command and Conquer, and Final Fantasy. And considering he spends his Sunday and Monday evenings watching sweaty dudes rub up on one another, I can almost guess that Boobs is lower on his list than mine! You know what they say about keeping your friends close, and keeping your enemies closer? Well there’s a reason I’m still friends with this Nintendo hating jerk face! That’s right, he’s my arch nemesis! Also, he’s a cool dude, and a great demon slaying partner. Mostly because he dies less than Vogel. Despite how much I hate him, it’s only because I hate him. I couldn’t imagine not having Drootin around. I mean. . . Who would I hate then?
  2. The JokerBatman – This guy is probably the greatest villain of all times, and solely because he’s so goddamned lovable! How can you not smile when he shows up on screen or in panel? I seriously couldn’t contain my excitement when DC announced the Batman arc “Death of the Family” and that Joker would be returning after a year long hiatus. He’s completely unpredictable, absolutely insane, and just utterly fantastic! Which also make him terrifying. If Batman’s scared, I’m scared. And who can resist hearing Mark Hamill’s excellent take on the Clown Prince of Crime from his run on Batman The Animated Series? No one! It’s too good!
  3. NeganThe Walking Dead – I love this guy! Much like my first choice he’s hilarious, and unpredictable. He’s not nearly as insane as the Joker, as he “can be perfectly reasonable.” Which is why I like him. He doesn’t like killing, Lucille does. But he will not hesitate to do what needs to be done to keep people in check. Much like Doc Ock and Peter Parker are foils of one another, I feel like Rick and Negan are as well. Different methods for the same goal. I hope we get to see him show up on the TV show at some point too!
  4. SylarHeroes – Sylar just emanated cool whenever he was on screen. He was mysterious, evil, and had the coolest powers. It’s still a shame the show had to end, since there was so much left to tell. And it would have been great to see more Sylar.
  5. Agent Grant Ward Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – After the ending of the episode “Turn, Turn, Turn” it’s impossible to not hate the guy! I can’t wait to see where his character goes from here. I just really hope the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. writers don’t cop out and write him in as a Double Agent or make him come back to S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s too good as a villain.


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