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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This week’s category: Best of E3 2013!
Ah, E3! The one week where nothing else matters to gamers at all! Every year we huddle in front of our TVs and computers. We set up alerts for our favorite franchises to make sure we’re up to date with the most important information. We drown out all other worldly issues, for none is more important then the winner of E3! This year was momentous, and as you’ll see and probably experienced yourself, there was certainly a clear cut winner. Now, we are a little late in running this story, and we are aware that MicroSoft has changed their policies surrounding the XBOne. The downside is, they decided to do this AFTER the biggest gaming event in the world. And there will still be a lot of standard consumers that don’t know about the changes. Now, we could talk about what MS did wrong for hours, but we’ll save that for another time. For now, we’re going to focus on what went right in our eyes at this years Electronics Entertainment Expo!


  1. Super Smash Bros.
  2. Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
  3. Wind Waker HD (a game I actually beat before, I’d love to play again)
  4. InFamous: Second Son
  5. And of course, Sony kicking Microsoft in the nuts by way of letting gamers do what they want with their games.




  1. PS4 pwning XBone – That was nothing less than brutal. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, youtube how to share by PlayStation.
  2. Wind Waker HD – Its getting re-released with added stuff like the possibility of sending a friend a message in a bottle and it washing ashore in their game.
  3. The Wind Waker boat standee – They brought the boat to get pictures on and Conan O’Brien took advantage of the opportunity. Makes me wonder if he has ever played the game.
  4. New Generation of consoles being announced – its been a long while since Sony and Microsoft have introduced a new console. Its hard to believe that its been over 6 years since I surprised Eric with his PS3. It’s exciting! And its kind of like history in the making, despite which console your backing.
  5. Mario Kart 8 – Of course I’m excited for Mario Kart. I was unbeatable on the 64.




  1. Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III – I’m lumping them together because they were announced together, I’m completely willing to get a PS4 based on just these two games, luckily there was plenty of other cool stuff coming out too!
  2. Nintendo – While Nintendo didn’t do the traditional E3 press event, their Nintendo Direct on Tuesday had all kinds of amazing stuff, and not only that but they put up a ton of trailers right after it was done! Add to that how Best Buy stores got 4 of the upcoming games to demo on Wednesday and I’d say they easily beat Microsoft for best of E3 and came in a close second to Sony.
  3. Destiny – I was up in the air for Destiny, it looked cool but I usually get bored with FPS’ pretty quickly and that goes double for MMO’s, not to mention when you put FPS and Online together you get a giant pile of douche bags tea bagging each other for hours. After watching the trailer for Destiny and the several minutes of gameplay I’m ready to give this a shot!
  4. Metal Gear Solid V – I’m not even a Metal Gear fan and I thought this looked great, I’m also probably one of the few people who aren’t angry about the voice change, it’s 100% alright with me if Jack Bauer is now Snake
  5. Sony Winning E3 – I’m not the only person to list this, and it’s probably going to be a trend, but the fact that Sony came out and did a normal show, then at almost the end they finally just backhanded Microsoft and told them to go home and try again next generation was probably the best thing out of an E3 ever!




Hi there Friday Fivers, I haven’t forgotten about you! Hope your enjoying my new weekly gaming news post The Week In Gaming (TWIG for short). Anyway this is a Friday 5 I can actually comment on so I figured I would.

  1. Sony’s Press Conference – They had plenty of games on stage but what really made their show was how they stuck it to Microsoft, no DRM, no internet requirement, and a $100 lower price point. I was 95% on getting a PS4 at launch but that press conference (mostly the price) had me rushing after work the next day to get down my pre order.
  2. Watch_Dogs – Sure it wasn’t brand new but I can’t see that game without getting excited for the next gen.
  3. Battlefield 4 – 64-player online multiplayer on console alone was awesome and then they demolished a skyscraper. Looked awesome and my creep into my launch game libray for PS4.
  4. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – This is the only game shown for Xbox One that I would want. If you somehow haven’t seen it it’s a 3rd person shooter that looked like they mashed Plants vs Zombies with Team Fortress 2.
  5. The Order: 1886 – While they didn’t show any actual gameplay the trailer supposedly is all in-engine but I’m just intrigued by the premise. It appears to be an alternate history 1886 London with werewolves and modern/future looking weapons. Its an interesting premise that could make for a very fun game.




I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: E3 is my SuperBowl! I look forward to this almost as much as I look forward to Christmas. It’s such an awesome week, and I hope to some day be in attendance. This year was an especially big one. With Sony and MS unveiling more info about their new consoles, and trying to persuade a mass of new players to their side, it was hard to not get overly excited. I went into E3 this year with lowered expectations based on the reveals at Sony and MS’s PS4 and Xbox One events. They were underwhelming, and I was hoping for one of these guys to stand up and tell me that I’d be stupid to not buy their console. And one of them did. . .

  1. Sony E3 Press Conference – The revel of the PS4 was nice. The insane amount of games shown were also cool. But when Jack Tretton stood on stage and said “PlayStation 4 will not restrict used games.” I literally stood up in my living room clapping and cheering at this news. It was at that moment Sony said – We hear you. We know what’s important to gamers. And we are’d going to screw you over. EVER. Needless to say, I preordered a PS4 the next day.
  2. Destiny – I’ve never been a big Halo fan. I’m not a multiplayer person, and never had a chance to get into the campaigns of the series. So I’ve never actually played a game by Bungie. When I heard they were going multiplatform I got excited. The gameplay demo that was shown at the end of the Sony conference was enough to solidify Destiny as a must have for me.
  3. UbiSoft – I hate companies that show off a 2 minute trailer of a game not coming for another 2 years. I mean, we all know Halo 5 and Dragon Age: inquisition are coming! But if you don’t have something substantial to show me, then don’t show me anything. Well, that’s why I love UbiSoft. They may not have Frostbite 4, Unreal 4, or the Luminos Engine, but they have gameplay to show me! And not pre-rendered bullshit! Nope! This is the real deal! I’m really interested in The Crew and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Both look awesome, and may be getting my money.
  4. Kingdom Hearts III – I know what I said about the pre-rendered stuff, but really, I just don’t even care when it comes to this! I’m just so happy to hear it exists! ^_^
  5. Final Fantasy XV – I’ve been a fan since I first turned on FFVII for the first time on the PS1. I’ve spent hundreds of hours beating every game in the series, and loving (almost) every second of it. I am beyond excited for a new installment. Again, PS4 preordered the day after the announcement!



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