Friday Five: Best Black Friday Purchases

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know us a little better with the help of a top five list. This week’s category: Black Friday Purchases.

If you do your research, you can get a lot of great deals dirt cheap. For this week’s Friday Five, we all relate our best Black Friday Purchases.


  1. Laptop – I don’t remember the exact year, either 2008 or 2009 Best Buy had a sale for a decent laptop that was usually about $700 dollars for $250. I still have that laptop.
  2. Nintendo DS Legend of Zelda version – Back in 2007 while working at Gamestop we got golden DS Lites with Phantom Hourglass, I got one.
  3. Nintendo 3DS Legend of Zelda version – Last year I got the Zelda 3DS, it was cheaper than the 3DS was usually priced at that time, and came with Ocarina Of Time 3D.
  4. Garmin GPS – At the time my GPS was close to $200, Best Buy had it on sale in like 2008 for around $100.
  5. Comics – StormWatch Comics in Berlin NJ does a Midnight sale every year, I bought a lot of stuff really cheap, most of it in retrospect I didn’t need.



  1. A few years ago I waited outside Target and got a 23’ computer monitor, a crock pot and 2 seasons of the Office for under $250. At the time that was a steal for the monitor alone, let alone the other items.
  2. I went to a movie store on my way home from MD Thanksgiving weekend and we ended up buying the boxset of all 8 Harry Potter films for like $80 on blu-ray. We got a few other movies too, but you can’t beat 8 blu-rays for under $100.
  3. This year GameStop is having double trade-in value on consoles. I’m considering trading in my Wii for this deal so I can save up for the WiiU.
  4. It’s not so much that the deal is awesome, but that it fits into the plans this year. Walmart is having a bunch of games for only $10 that my son wants.
  5. This last one might be just for the fact that I really want a Tablet but a bunch of places are having tablets on sale this year. $100 off Samsung Galaxy 10.1, $70 off Samsung Galaxy tab 2 and so one. I mean a lot of places: Best Buy; Walmart; Target; Costco. . .



I love Black Friday! However, I’m a little underwhelmed with this one though. . . Sure there are some excellent deals, but nothing really stands out to me as an “OMG, MUST HAVE” besides that $180 40” LCD TV from Best Buy. Considering there are already people camping outside my local Best Buy, obtaining this one seems highly unlikely.

  1. Dragon Quest IX(DS) – This was on sale in 2010 at Target for $10. Still normally $40 at GameStop at the time, this was an awesome deal. My friend and I grabbed one each, and I took the last copy the store had as a Christmas Gift. I played this game for more than a year and a half, totally got my money’s worth!
  2. God of War Saga – If you haven’t played God of War and own a PS3 then you’re doing yourself a serious disservice by not picking this up this year. It’s as low as $15 and includes FIVE GODDAMNED GAMES. FIVE. Each running about 6-10 hours gives you upwards of 50 hours of gameplay for $15. That’s not a deal, it’s a steal.
  3. 19” Flatscreen TV – By today’s standards it’s a piece of crap. It’s small, flat screen tube TV by some off brand. I had never heard of Black Friday, I just knew the grocery store I was working at had it on sale for mad cheap so I picked one up as gift for my, at the time, girlfriend because her 10” TV wasn’t cutting it.
  4. House Seasons 1-5 on DVD – My wife and I picked these up two years ago for $10 each! We were caught up to airing series within a month.
  5. T-Mobile G2 – I’m beginning to think I didn’t get anything on sale during last year’s Black Friday Sale. . . In 2010 T-Mobile ran a Buy One Get One deal on all smart phones. We got 2 T-Mobile G2s, at the time the best Android phone on the market, for only $200. Still use the phone today, and it’s awesome. Can’t wait to upgrade to the Nexus 4 though!



I don’t normally go out for Black Friday, but the couple times I have I got some decent stuff. I’m hoping to get some presents for cheap this year instead of getting things for ourselves.

  1. Telescope – Walmart had a telescope up near the front of the store last year. It was really cheap and not a bad one at all. I’ve been able to see the stripes on Jupiter with it.
  2. LeapFrog TAG Jr. – Got this book reader for my son a couple years ago. I can’t remember what else I got, but I’m sure Toy’s R Us was having other good deals.
  3. Movies – We try to go to MovieStop when we’re on our way home from Maryland. It’s not actually on Friday, but they still have good sales.
  4. Video Games – This year we already know what games we want to get for our son. That’ll knock him off the list and we’ll just have to worry about our daughter and the other kids in the family.
  5. Makeup – Sephora is having $10 deals as soon as midnight hits. I love makeup so it’s a shame I’m not spending money on myself this year.


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