Elder Scrolls Online Introduction

The Elder Scrolls Online - Daedroth Battle

It’s been a few months since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online. Since then we’ve been given hints of detail, and a few screen shots here and there, but nothing substantial. Until now.

Yesterday Bethesda uploaded a 10 minute introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online, and I couldn’t be happier with anything that was introduced in this video. For starters: No worrying about starting a character on a different server then the rest of your friends, because there’s only one MEGA-SERVER! That right there is a huge leap forward in MMOs, but there’s more. Character customization is based on YOU, not a chosen class. You wanna be a wizard wearing heavy Daedric armor? Go for it! Combat is all in real time! Left click, attack. Right click, raise shield. No auto attacks. No hotbar. Just awesome!

There’s a whole bunch of really cool features coming to The Elder Scrolls Online but I don’t want to give them all away. Watch the intro video and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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