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E3 - EA

EA is next up after Microsoft on June 10, 2013. Their conference starts at 1pm PST, 4pm EST.

You can watch the EA Press Conference live at EA.com

You can also watch it over at Gametrailers.com for Spike TVs coverage.

You can catch our reactions to the event here, live.

04:59pm by Chris

Welp, that’s it for the EA conference, Lots of cool stuff, Plants Vs Zombies Shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, Mirrors Edge 2, Need For Speed Rivals man I’m going to need a PS4 sooner than I expected!

04:59pm by Drootin

And that’s the show everyone. I for one was pretty impressed. I think the biggest reveal was the new Star Wars Battlefront

04:58pm by Chris

I’m alright with Coming When Ready as long as it’s actually ready when it comes out.

04:57pm by Drootin

Mirror’s Edge, coming…. when its ready. Taking the Blizzard approach with that one apparently.

04:57pm by Chris

Mirrors Edge didn’t get nearly enough credit, hopefully this one gets some more! Can’t wait to see more of that!

04:56pm by Drootin

Mirror’s Edge 2

04:56pm by Shannon

Mirrors Edge looks great!

04:56pm by Chris

Mirrors Edge 2!

04:56pm by Drootin

They just had an entire skyscraper get destroyed. That’s pretty epic.

04:55pm by Shannon

So far Need for Speed and Battlefield have features that use tablets. Don’t have one yet? Go get one!

04:52pm by Drootin

The destruction models are CRAZY now, they took out a tank by demolishing a support pillar for the road above

04:49pm by Chris

As usually Battlefield looks amazing.

04:49pm by Drootin

New feature, Commander Mode, gives a top down view and is accessible from Tablets

04:48pm by Drootin

64-players online on console this time around for Battlefield 4

04:47pm by Chris

Battlefield 4, hopefully this goes better than Microsoft did earlier!

04:46pm by Chris

If this were game play footage it would be amazing, a pre-rendered video, I’ve seen better.

04:45pm by Drootin

EA Sports UFC coming Spring 2014

04:45pm by Chris

I’d like to see game play rather than talking, I don’t know enough about UFC to care about talking

04:42pm by Drootin

ITS TIME! For the new EA UFC game.

04:41pm by Shannon

Lets get ready to rumble!

04:40pm by Drootin

I don’t know if the “Madden” name will still be around in 2025.

04:39pm by Shannon

I think for hardcore soccer fans, the crowds reacting might actually be a big deal. Though I agree, it looks like they didn’t do as much with the dynamics of the game this year.

04:39pm by Chris

On the topic of Madden, if they’re Madden 25 now, but they go back to year names and next year is Madden 15, what do they do in 2025? Will it be Madden 25-2?

04:38pm by Drootin

That looks pretty fantastic, I’ve kinda fallen off the Madden bandwagon in recent years, could be time for me to get back in

04:38pm by Chris

Nevermind for some reason Drake is the spokesperson for Fifa, because that’s going to make people want to play! Get a freaking Soccer/Football player out there!

04:37pm by Chris

Did Fifa really just get a trailer while NBA Live and Madden got all kinds of stuff?

04:36pm by Shannon

That one guy looked like Sylar…

04:36pm by Chris

Madden 25 gameplay trailer looks fantastic, everything is beautiful, but something still just looks slightly wrong.

04:35pm by Drootin

Finally focusing on making the linemen more accurately slide and block not just get stuck into animations.

04:34pm by Shannon

If you didn’t hear it, all this Madden footage is game play. It looks great, and the physics are crazy accurate.

04:33pm by Chris

All the features for Madden are cool, but it looks off to me, like it’s not really happening.

04:33pm by Chris

Madden time! Don’t know if I like that it’s Madden 25 and not Madden 2014

04:32pm by Chris

NBA Live looks nice, so all you basketball fans will have something good to play!

04:31pm by Drootin

The ball has been given its own physics for dribbling, similar to the ball in FIFA and puck in NHL

04:31pm by Shannon

Looks like the other guy is pretty tall. The player is 6’3″.

04:30pm by Chris

Bouncetek means the Ball is a separate part of the game, it’s no longer tied to the player, so game physics will control it. That’s pretty cool actually.

04:30pm by Drootin

Kyire Irving is 6’3″ acording to Wiki/NBA.com

04:30pm by Shannon

Lets hope their concentration on dribbling didn’t cause them to fall short in other aspects in the game.

04:29pm by Chris

So is the player short or is the other guy really tall? (totally not about games!)

04:28pm by Drootin

for the first time in I believe 3 years, EA Sports is bringing back the NBA Live franchise

04:28pm by Chris

I guess a video of a guy dribbling a basketball is cool. . .

04:27pm by Chris

Here comes the sports!

04:27pm by Chris

That trailer for Dragon Age looked pretty, I’ll need a PS4 for that.

04:27pm by Drootin

Here’s EA Sports to show the new “Ignite” Engine games.

04:27pm by Shannon

I don’t play sports games, but I do appreciate how far the graphics and game play has come through the years. Lets see what EA Sports has in store.

04:24pm by Drootin

Inquisition coming Fall 2014

04:24pm by Chris

Whoo Dragon Age Inquisition! I need to catch up on this series now!

04:23pm by Chris

A Need For Speed movie? Didn’t that happen already? I believe it was called The Fast and The Furious

04:22pm by Chris

Being able to go from single player to multi-player to single player in such a flawless way is amazing. And adding the ability to be a cop and chase down drivers is an even better element.

04:22pm by Drootin

Also players can call in a support helicopter via mobile device.

04:21pm by Shannon

The graphics for Need for Speed look really sleek and the new start single player, becomes multiplayer game play is an interesting idea. But you know what I want to see? A new Burnout.

04:21pm by Drootin

It is Criterion

04:21pm by Chris

Look at this game of course it’s Criterion

04:21pm by Drootin

This Need for Speed Demo is running on PS4, showing the All Drive, where you can start a race single player, then another player can dynamically jump in as a cop to try and track you down.

04:20pm by Chris

This is how all racing games should be, maybe with a little Burnout crash mode though?

04:20pm by Eric

I may have missed it, but is Criterion behind Need for Speed Rivals? Or is some one else on the project?

04:20pm by Chris

Being a cop should be a lot of fun!

04:19pm by Chris

I didn’t get into Need For Speed till Most Wanted, and god damn I think I might be getting the new one now too!

04:18pm by Chris

Yes, the audio is off even on TV

04:18pm by Eric

The last Need for Speed was fantastic! Can’t wait for Need for Speed Rivals!

04:18pm by Drootin

(Is anyone else having weird audio issues?? Static, background noise?)

04:17pm by Chris

A new Star Wars Battlefront eh? The original was fun, and it’s nice to see some new Star Wars games coming out. We need to see more for any sort of judgment though!

04:16pm by Drootin


04:16pm by Eric

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT on Frosbite 3 Engine!!!!!!

04:16pm by Eric

Frostbite 3 is one of the nastiest game engines I’ve ever seen.

04:14pm by Shannon

Mech games are always pretty cool. I like the fact that you can pilot the mech and run around without it in Titanfall.

04:14pm by Chris

This seems a lot like what Steel Battalion should have been, except for the massive controller

04:14pm by Eric

I really like the look, and feel of Titanfall. I’ll probably be getting this for PC.

04:13pm by Chris

FPS isn’t generally my thing, but I do admit this looks pretty good.

04:13pm by Drootin

Time for Titanfall, it looked fantastic earlier during the MS presser, now seeing more from the individual devs at Respawn

04:11pm by Drootin

PEGGLE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04:11pm by Chris


04:10pm by Eric

PEGGLE 2! ^_^

04:10pm by Eric

Ok, the little bit I saw of that was fantastic!

04:09pm by Eric

Apparently my stream is running a little behind. . . O.O Plants Vs Zombies Shooter! ^_^

04:09pm by Drootin

Cactus = Sniper, Peashooter = Assault, Chomper = Melee, Sunflower = Medic

04:08pm by Chris

This PVZ shooter looks like it’s going to be a blast to play!

04:08pm by Drootin

Showing the 4-player Survival co-op “hoard mode” style gameplay.

04:07pm by Eric

EA PressConference starting up now!

04:07pm by Chris

I have yet to play any form of Plants Vs. Zombies, this may finally be where I jump on board the bandwagon!

04:06pm by Drootin

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, a 3rd Person Action game coming to Xbox One first then to 360.

04:06pm by Shannon

Are you kidding me? PvZ looks amazing. Not at all what I was thinking the next game would be like. I’ve been playing the facebook game and I finished the first PvZ. I have to say I’m pretty addicted to the franchise.

04:04pm by Drootin

Starting it off with the new Plants vs Zombies shooter!

04:03pm by Drootin

A new Dragon Age will be shown!

04:03pm by Drootin

All games shown are for PS4/Xbox One

04:02pm by Drootin

Titanfall, FIFA 14, and Plants vs Zombies were just a few of the games that popped up in the intro

04:01pm by Shannon

I saw Plants Vs. Zombies in that intro. I’m already excited!

04:01pm by Drootin

And we’re live!

03:54pm by Drootin

Its almost time for the EA E3 Press Conference, lets see what they have in store for us!

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