E3 Nintendo 3DS Liveblog

Nintendo gives us a full hour of 3DS news in a special webcast. Watch it at E3.nintendo.com, and stay tuned as One-Quest liveblogs our reactions!

Let’s hope we some some more awesome first party games, and more reasons to buy the little amazing device!

10:07pm by Eric

3DS is definitely looking better then it did at launch. With a whole slew of 3rd and 1st party support landing on the console by the end of the year, this is absolutely on my buy list!

I’m particularly interested in Paper Mario, I love the new mechanics with the stickers. Castlevania looks amazing, a 2D God of War is certainly an awesome idea! And Epic Mickey is really going to be a top notch game for retro nostalgia! Don’t forget the return to Luigi’s Mansion! I loved the original on GameCube, So I’m really excited about this one!

A lot of really great content is coming to the console, so I’m really glad they gave the 3DS it’s own show! Kudos Nintendo!

10:02pm by Eric

At least 15 titles are launching by the end of the year. As well as some extra downloads.

10:01pm by Eric

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is due out on August 19 as a retail game, and as a download.

10:00pm by Eric

You need to stay together, or race through while the loser floats around in a bubble.

09:59pm by Eric

Full game can be played as in Co-op mode!

09:59pm by Eric

Street pass will compare scores with other people, always tempting you to do better!

09:58pm by Eric

You need to get the most coins ever, and beat levels as fast as possible to get the best score.

09:57pm by Eric

Coin rush mode is now. Coins get added to your bank.

09:57pm by Eric

Gold Fireflower turns everything into coins.

09:56pm by Eric

Same level layout as New Super Mario Bros on DS. Overworld leads you to new levels.

09:55pm by Eric

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is all about the gold! Here’s a live demo!

09:54pm by Eric

Lego Batman 2 will be coming to 3DS. Demo available now on the eShop.

09:53pm by Eric

Pokemon Black and White 2 is coming for NintendoDS, but will have special featured for 3DS. Not a 3D mode…

09:49pm by Eric

Kingdom Hearts 3DS is due out in July. Nintendo is now showing off a few Third party titles like Raving Rabbids.

09:46pm by Eric

Kingdom Hearts 3DS is playing now. It looks better everytime I see it, but I’m getting tired of the spinoffs…

09:43pm by Eric

Paper Mario Sticker Star is due out this holiday season! It looks awesome!

09:40pm by Eric

Fan is used to turn a windmill.

09:40pm by Eric

You can turn 3D world items into stickers. They’re special battle items, and in many cases necessary to advance the story.

09:38pm by Eric

No EXP at the end of battles. Instead you get EXP for solving puzzles, and helping citizens.

09:37pm by Eric

Mario can enter Paperization mode to apply stickers to the world, and help the citizens.

09:37pm by Eric

Mario will find some 3D world items, like a fan, that will help with puzzles.

09:36pm by Eric

Boot Sticker jumps on enemies, Hammer Sticker uses a hammer, Shells hit multiple enemies. Tons of Stickers for different situations.

09:35pm by Eric

Some stickers will help solve puzzles, most will be used for battle.

09:34pm by Eric

Stickers are hidden everywhere in the game.

09:33pm by Eric

Time for a live demo!

09:32pm by Eric

PAPER MARIO: Sticker Star! First Paper Mario on a handheld.

09:32pm by Eric

Epic Mickey: power of Illusion hit’s store shelves November 18, 2012.

09:31pm by Eric

Game plays on top screen, bottom is used to draw and erase objects.

09:30pm by Eric

It looks just like an updated version of Castle of Illusion!

09:30pm by Eric

An evil witch is holding Mickey friends captive in a castle, and Mickey needs to save them with Oswalds help!

09:28pm by Eric

Mickey Castle of Illusion is the biggest inspiration for the new Epic Mickey.

09:27pm by Eric

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is not a sequel, or prequel. It’s a standalone title.

09:26pm by Eric

Warren Spector is on stage to talk Epic Mickey!

09:25pm by Eric

Rainbow light helps find secret items and areas. It will be available this holiday season.

09:25pm by Eric

Of course all ends poorly when Luigi enters an elevator…

09:24pm by Eric

Luigi won’t face just ghosts, looks like there’s Giant Spiders too! And a Rainbow flashlight?

09:23pm by Eric

Lighting effects look top notch for a handheld title!

09:23pm by Eric

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark moon time!

09:23pm by Eric

Forced businessman humor is always so akward…

09:21pm by Eric

Touchscreen allows you to interact with the map. Leave markers, and write notes.

09:21pm by Eric

Standarding platforming returns, with Trevor being able to use the whip to swing across gaps.

09:20pm by Eric

Secondary weapons will be used, like a boomerang that DOTs enemies.

09:20pm by Eric

It looks to play like a side scrolling God of War game. Which is awesome!

09:19pm by Eric

Trevor has Dark magic to increase damage, and can grab enemies to finsish them off fast.

09:18pm by Eric

You play as Trevor Belmont, searching for thr evils of the world. Uses the classic chain whip!

09:17pm by Eric

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow -Mirror of Fate. Long title. Due out this holiday season. It stars a ton of familiar characters from the franchise, and will use the classic 2D style gameplay.

09:15pm by Eric

First ups is Castlevania

09:14pm by Eric

Sales stats for some 3DS titles are quite impressive! But they’re all first party… time to get into some 3rd party games.

09:12pm by Eric

He brings up the Non-specific Action Figure from the Nintendo Direct show, from Sunday.

09:11pm by Eric

He hands the stage over to Scott Moffet to run the program.

09:10pm by Eric

Reggie takes the stage!

09:04pm by Eric

Should be starting any minute now!


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