Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

Ok, I’m really excited about this one!

I love the work Bethesda does and Dishonored is a new IP, which is rare in these days of the yearly sequel, so it’s already grabbing my attention for being new.

I’m usually more of a “fantasy” guy, sticking more to the likes of swords and dragons, but this game has piqued my interest. I’m not sure if it’s the overly grey color pallet, or the excessive blood splatter that hooks me. It’s probably the crazy spells, like telekinesis and slow time. Dishonored seems to borrow a decent number of ideas from BioShock, but manages to use them in a different manor. Where BioShock is all about the gunplay and action, Dishonored seems to lean toward stealth, and melee combat.

It’s really interesting, and I’ll be keeping my eye on Dishonored. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

is not a boss.

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