Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 Now Live

Diablo III

Well, it was live as of yesterday. Regardless, this patch is pretty exciting! Here’s a list to the full patch notes, but in summary you can expect the following:

  • Loot 2.0 implementation – Loot drops now have a chance of dropping with stats tailored to your class, and class specific items will never roll primary stats for a different class. Essentially, if I’m a wizard and a belt drops, there’s a chance said belt will have stats specific for me (+Intelligence, +Arcane Damage, etc). Not all loot will do this, but some will. On top of that, if a wand drops it will never roll with +Strength, because a Wizard doesn’t need strength!
  • >Fully Reworked Legendary Loot – This means a couple things. 1. Every Legendary item has been redesigned to now be more desirable to use. They aren’t necessarily stronger, but some have unique abilities that make them more interesting. And 2. Legendary Items now bind to the account. They cannot be traded unless they dropped during a multiplayer game, and you trade within 2 hours of the item dropping. Even then, it can only be traded to someone within the game. This eliminates the need for the auction house.
  • Difficulty has been fully readjusted – Enemies will now level up with the players. Difficulty options are no longer Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. Instead they are Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, and Torment(I-VI). Torment has been broken up into 6 levles offering varying degrees of difficulty and rewards. Master unlocks when completing Act IV, and Torment unlocks at level 60.
  • Bosses have been retooled – Most bosses have had their mechanics redesigned. And enrage timers won’t trigger for a number of bosses unless you are playing on Torment I or higher.
  • Paragon 2.0 Implementation – Paragon levels were added last summer to extend the life of the player characters. Each level granted a specific hero 3% Gold and Magic Find, as well as some small stat increases. Max level was 100 and it took a long time to level up the classes. Many also complained that there wasn’t much of a difference in a 60(0) character versus a 60(100). Now Paragon levels are Account wide as opposed to being tied to the individual characters. The player will earn Paragon Points at every Paragon level and can distribute those to one of 4 different categories – Core, Offence, Defense, and Utility.
  • Clans and Communities – Diablo III Originally had next to no social support. There was barely a chat room available. Clans have a maximum of 120 members, communities have no limit. That seems to be the only difference.
  • Complete UI Face lift – All new menus, Waypoint menu is now a map, etc.
  • Some Generic Additions – New Shrines to grant bonus Paragon Experience, New Globes that now grant players small buffs, higher enemy density, etc.

Yeah, this is pretty awesome! I’m going to hope in and check it out, so expect an impressions post in the near future! In the mean time, happy hunting!

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