Comics Take It or Leave It – August 1, 2012

Welcome to the start of something new for us at One-Quest, you’ve probably seen similar things on other websites. IGN does a recap page of all their comic reviews each week, and CBR does the Buy Pile. We’re going to be doing something a little different though, each week we’ll highlight a few of the books that came out that week and decide whether it’s worth the time and money as both a stand alone story and overall for the series it’s a part of. So without any more explanation let’s get to it.

Higher Earth #3
The first two issues of Higher Earth were interesting, but vague. You really don’t know what’s going on and that’s an easy way to turn people off. Lucky if you’ve stuck around this far, the third issue finally starts to fill us in on what’s going on. There are still plenty of unknowns if that’s your thing, but at least we’re getting some story now. Overall it was a decent issue on it’s own, really can something with people fighting dinosaurs with swords be bad? The problem is the previous two issues don’t really feel like they’ve made much impact on the story yet. So the final verdict it’s worth picking up for just a fun little story, if you’re looking for a new series you might be better off waiting for the first trade.
Cover from Thief of Thieves 7 Thief Of Thieves #7
I had really high hopes for Thief of Thieves after the first couple issues, unfortunately the series started to decline and really lost my interest. Issue 7 is the end of the first story arc and the departure of the first writer Nick Spencer. It wasn’t a terrible story or anything just kind of boring to be honest. If you haven’t read it yet don’t start buying the issues now, this is definitely a wait for the trade if you really want to read it kind of book.
Age Of Apocalypse #6
I really wanted to like this series, I think the Age Of Apocalypse storyline is amazing. Unfortunately like the previous 5 issues, number 6 is confusing, uninteresting, and not really worth the money. This issue totally can’t stand on it’s own if you haven’t read the first 5 you’ll be lost, and really even if you have you may be a little confused. I don’t think this is even worth waiting for a trade just skip it all together.
Avengers Vs X-Men #9
If you read this or this then you know One-Quest has been following AVX since it started. You’ll also know we’ve been pretty meh about the whole thing. We’ve only got a few issues left and with this one we start the third and final act of the story. And you know what it was pretty good, it had the right mix of humor, drama, and action while moving the story along to the next logical step. Hopefully the last 3 issues keep this up and don’t fizzle out like act two did after a great opening issue. If you haven’t been reading AVX I wouldn’t start off with this issue you’ll be lost, but if you’re on the fence about continuing after issue 8 I say at least give 9 a chance, you won’t be disappointed.
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1
I think Deadpool is a really fun character, usually when he shows up in other books. I have never actually been able to read one of his own series. At this point it’s just too convoluted he’s everywhere. I think there were like 8 different Deadpool books running at the same time a few years ago. All that aside I saw this on the shelf this week and thought why not, Cullen Bunn has been doing pretty good on all the other books he’s on right now, and Deadpool is cool plus it’s only a 4 issue series. And you know I’m glad I did, this isn’t a story for normal Deadpool fans who want something that ties in with the other stories. It’s just a fun crazy evil Deadpool killing people and it works. It’s suppose to be a weekly series so you only have to buy it for a month and you’ll have all the issue and be done with it. Go ahead give it a shot.
Hawkeye #1
Some people think Hawkeye is just a Green Arrow ripoff, but isn’t Green Arrow just a Robin Hood ripoff? Regardless he’s got not super powers, he’s just a really good shot and frankly heroes with no powers are always good. And I don’t mean like when Superman loses his powers or something. Guys who go out and fight super villains ( the kind with powers) with nothing but a bow and arrow are pretty bad ass. So take that kind of character and throw in Matt Fraction and David Aja and you get a really fun book. Go read any review they all say Hawkeye is fantastic and I agree! It’s the first of a new series so you don’t have to worry about knowing much of anything other than he’s a cocky, rude, and has awesome aim. So get out to the store and pick this up, stop reading this and go read Hawkeye!
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