Capcom Trailer Roundup!

Capcom released some awesome trailers today for some of their most prized franchises, and one that I don’t think anyone was expecting. No, it’s not a Mega Man reboot, sorry!

We have a new cinematic trailer for Resident Evil 6, which gives us a look at some of our villains, and some interesting interactions between Leon and Chris. While a cool story piece, this trailer lacks any game play, although if it’s anything like the previous 2 games then we have little to worry about.

Resident Evil 6

Next is a cool new trailer for Devil May Cry! There is still a ton of backlash for this game, and I don’t really understand why, other then the standard reason, “Nerds hate change.” However, everything about DMC looks awesome! And Dante is the same smart ass we’ve learned to love from the previous 4 entries, just a little younger. This trailer shows off some story elements, a bit of some combat, and clever use of bread. Enjoy!

Devil May Cry

Lastly we have a sleeper! I didn’t think this one was coming at all, considering the first 2 were so… meh. Despite the odds Lost Planet 3 is coming, and the trailer looks awesome! Sadly, there is no game play for this one either, but reports state that it’s going to be a 3rd person survival horror with 1st person mech combat elements. It sounds like a lot, but apparently works really well! We’ll keep our eyes on this one for you.

Lost Planet 3

And there you have it! 3 new trailers from Capcom, none of which are a new Mega Man game. Tell us what you think about these trailers, which game you’re most excited about, and if you know who Mega Man is in the comments below!

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