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Online connection requirements aren’t new, but they’re starting to become increasingly more common. In most cases the requirement was to enforce a DRM that was put in place to eliminate video game piracy. In other cases it’s simply stated for the obvious reasons: it’s needed to be able to access online features of a console or game. Regardless of the reason when the terms “Broadband connection required” get’s thrown about, nerds tend to. . . overreact. The recent rumor that’s been circulating has pinned this term on the new Xbox 720(Durango) and has been met with quite a bit of cynicism. Maybe we can help put everyone at ease. . . Maybe not.

Take a look at some of the old Diablo III forum posts. In fact, there are still complaints about it today. Check the 1.0.7 patch notes and you’ll see at least one post that says something along the lines of “I still don’t see anything about the internet requirement being removed.” Some go more extreme, threatening to never purchase and/or play any Blizzard games unless this is fixed. But is there really anything to fix? It’s an internet connection. Something that has become such a constant in our lives that developers and publishers can now use this connection to help keep their products safe and in check. As a consumer this only makes things “difficult” for you, but you know what? It’s time to get over it. Requiring internet connections is a way of the future of not just PC gaming, but console gaming.

If this type of requirement were made 10 years ago, then I could certainly understand everyone having a hard time with this. Think about it, in 2003 if you reached in your pocket and pulled out a cell phone, it more then likely had a green and black screen similar to the original GameBoy. It could play Snake, and call Grandma at the press of a couple buttons. But that was 10 years ago. Now we have cell phone more powerful then the computers powering rovers on mars. And those cell phones have a constant connection to the internet. We are always, always connected to the world around us through these small devices yet the second we’re told we need to always be online to play a game we raise hell.

I bet you’re online right now reading this. Think about it. Do you surf to a web page then power off your internet modem while you read the new article? Nope. You’re connected online the entire time. Checking facebook and twitter, means you’ve got a constant connection. Browsing through the steam store? Guess what? You’re online! I once saw someone argue that he shouldn’t be required to play online because he always activates his steam games to play offline. It was revealed later that he always keeps his connection running so he can chat with his friends in steam and join their games. So he still had his connection on at all times, regardless of whether he was playing the game online or not.

I do fully understand the arguments that a proper and stable broadband connection may not be available to all users. I understand that sometimes a connection drops out and that we may not be able to play our games until it comes back on. And sure this all sounds like nails in the coffin for any console willing to require broadband connections at all times. However, this is Microsoft. The company that requires everyone to pay $60 for access to features available on every other console for free. I’m sure they did the research and decided that if 70% of their users have an active online connection, then surely they can go forward and require everyone to have a connection with their new console.

I don’t disagree with always online, because I am always online. I don’t have any issues with this system, because I have no reason to be afraid. If my connection is out I just play something else. Hell, if you disagree with it that much there are 2 other next gen consoles available without an always online requirement. I’m sorry for those of you that are against this for whatever reason.But, maybe it’s time to start looking for a new ISP? The digital revolution isn’t going to wait for you to catch up.

What do you think about the always online requirement rumored to come along with the new Xbox? Tell us in the comments below!

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