Borderlands 2: COME GET ME!

Another new trailer for Borderlands hit the web today!

As always, it looks awesome! Handsome Jack taunts our heroes telling them they’re going to need a ton of firepower to stop him. Apparently he never played the first Borderlands game. . .

Things I liked: The Commando’s turret looks awesome! The Gunzerkers dual flip off move had me cracking up! The Siren’s special looks incredibly useful.

Things I didn’t like: The assassin looks way cooler in trailers then he’s actually going to be. Remember, the sword cannot be upgraded, and is only usable as his melee attack, not a full on weapon. Watching Zero do flips and slashes in the trailers is a terribly misleading tease!

Otherwise it looks awesome! Check out the new trailer, and let us know if you accept Handsome Jack’s challenge in the comments below.

is not a boss.

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