April Will Be Full Of BAMF!

At this point, I’m over the guessing game for the Marvel teasers. I wish they’d just tell us what books are coming when they’re ready to tell us. Cryptic images that could potentially be any number of characters isn’t all that much fun anymore. That is when the image says something other than BAMF. . .

Yep, looks like with the return of everyone’s favorite Blue Elf in Amazing X-Men, we’ll be getting a brand new Nightcrawler series. Well unless Marvel is really screwing with us and it’s going to be a series about the little BAMF’s that have been infesting the Jean Grey School. I seriously doubt that though, as it was with huge fan approval they announced the return of Nightcrawler, it only makes sense to cash in on that with a solo adventure.

Oh, and in case you don’t notice it on the image, the one and only Chris Claremont is going to be writing the story. After 17 years of writing for Nightcrawler and the rest of the X-Men, who better to tackle this job. And joining him on art is Todd Nauck, whose still should fit perfectly with the character.

So come April be ready, and keep an eye on One-Quest for more information on this as we hear it. And now without further rambling here’s the image!


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