A written post on this website?! What is it 2015?!

Hey there, Drootin here. I’m sorry that I’ve been missing being on PodQuest a lot over the last year and I kinda wanted to share why.

So, over the last year especially, I’ve probably been feeling overall the worst I’ve felt since like High School. A multitude of things has led to me feeling very depressed and fully knowingly that it’s the depression that makes me not want to do things, and I SHOULD go do things to try and feel better (like record this podcast with my friends), but it also completely sucks all of the energy out of me and makes me not want to leave the house. So let me kinda fill you in on what’s been going on and where things go from here.

-My chronic daily headaches have been pretty bad, the things below all probably play into this.

-My job had SUCKED real bad. My job got to the point where it was super fucking shitty and caused me an insane amount of anxiety and that has then become pretty crippling depression. So, in October of 2015 that department had 6 employees, 4 people doing the actual work, 1 “team lead” who had her own tasks and would help with some of the regular work, and a manager. By August of 2016 there was 1 person in the department, me, AND we were trying to transition where in the different sites in the company different tasks were being done so I was tasked with a 7th different persons work in also trying to train people in Maine and Florida how to do my job while also trying to do all my normal work which is super time sensitive. Had I been able to afford it both monetarily and from a benefits standpoint, I would have quit, but I couldn’t so I just became incredibly resentful and angry and that has manifested itself in some bad ways.

-We’ve then also had issues over a stupid CO for the house we bought that didn’t get settled, and not with the best outcome but far less bad than it could have been, until November of last year.

-Then I had my tonsils removed in January and my wife got a promotion at her work (yay!) but the combination of those things for a while there led to me being home alone until like, 7-8 PM on a lot of nights, and I didn’t quite realize how much that was having an effect on me.

-I sleep like shit. For the last number of months, I’ve been consistently waking up between 3 and 4 AM from weird dreams that I barely ever remember anything from them except possible small bits.

-All these things have affected my weight, which I’m at the like heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, which makes me feel shitty, which rolls into all of these other feelings to make me feel depressed, which saps out all the energy I would have to exercise to lose the weight to feel better, but I just can’t figure out what to do about it. Its a vicious spiral that sucks.

So, yeah, that’s what’s been really causing me issues and why I haven’t been on the show much over the last year. And here’s what I’m hoping to do about it.

I got a promotion at my work and have moved to a VASTLY more supportive team and things are looking up on that end and I’ve been feeling a bit better. BUT, I’m currently sick, an upper respiratory infection because of fucking course I would get that, I’m doing better but have this real hacky cough that comes in fits and would be SUPER annoying to have on a podcast so I won’t be on this week. I plan to be back next week (4/18/17), and then hopefully be there consistently from here on out. ALSO, I have thoughts about bringing back the ‘Rasslin Report in some form. I will talk to Shaun and see if he want’s to do it, but he’s kind of a nightmare to lock down, even for a once a month type of thing. I’d be hoping to have it come out the same time every month, either like the beginning or end of the month, probably on either a Saturday or a Sunday, all kinda depends how this is going to go. If Shaun can’t commit to it I’m going to reach out to a group I run on Facebook and see if any people in there want to randomly rotate in as co-hosts and I’ll edit it all together or whatever, we’ll see how that goes, I’m sorta into this idea a little more to be honest as I want to get the editing skills.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on over here, I’m starting to feel better, the next step is trying to get exercising going and cutting this weight. I’m hoping to start doing better and being back on PodQuest and even other podcasts around the internet spreading the word of One-Quest. And if you have any helpful suggestions, please reach out to me, I’m on Facebook (facebook.com/IAmDroot), Twitter (@IAmDroot), & Tumblr (IAmDroot).


is a writer, pod-caster, and the resident hater of things (especially Wii) on One-Quest.com. Drootin is a total sports nerd and sports gamer, spending the majority of his time either watching sports or listening to sports radio, often while playing some kind of sports game. He's also a HUGE pro wrestling fan and often tweets during RAW and Pay Per Views.

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