What Iconic Characters Are Up To Now

I read a J.K. Rowling interview recently in which I was struck by how real she seems to find her own characters. Asked about the epilogue to the series, she expands on what she originally wrote, starting sentences in the manner of “I like to think that Ron… ” or “I don’t think Harry would ever….” It’s as if she thinks of them as real characters, carrying on their lives without her in some fictional and fantastic, but very much functional universe. Of course, this all got me wondering: how are other iconic fictional characters spending their free time now that we’re not watching? Here are some of my best guesses.

Jack Sparrow
This is one of the toughest ones to figure, because Cap’n Jack’s life is such a random string of interlocking misfortunes. That said, we know a few things. But, we know there’s rum involved. Additionally, we know he’s negatively affecting other people. Ever notice how everywhere Jack goes there seem to be people who want to slap him, kill him, or catch him? Here’s why: Jack spends his free time gallivanting around the Caribbean, stealing everybody’s rum and making and breaking any and every deal that will lead him to the one thing he cares about in life: his ship.

Daniel Ocean
Ocean may seem suave and calculating on the outside, but let’s face it: he’s a broken and restless man. No number of multi-million dollar scores and no level of reconnection with Tess satisfies his need to gamble, scheme, and win. He spends his day distractedly scanning a computer screen, playing games on Betfair and throwing money into online poker tournaments, keeping himself “sharp” until the next big score comes along. When he’s just passing the time, games of chance like video poker or even automated roulette can keep him mildly distracted, almost like throwing on headphones to block out the world. But in lulls between heists, it’s the live online tournaments that really keep him going, giving him the opportunity to log on, compete, and beat other gamblers. Because let’s face it – that’s what Mr. Ocean is really all about.

Batman/Bruce Wayne
Going by the end of The Dark Knight Rises, we’re supposed to believe that Wayne just hit up Trip Advisor and booked a romp around Europe with his beloved Catwoman. Yeah, right. Wayne is too restless and unfulfilled for that. You know what he’s really doing? He’s putting on a charming face for his girl while sneaking off to the bathroom to pour over headlines on his smartphone, looking for any hint of danger in Gotham, or a whisper of the League of Shadows. Oh, and he’s also apparently morphing into Ben Affleck….

It’s interesting that the end of Lord of the Rings is really the beginning – of a new era, of a king’s reign, etc. Aragorn is finding out these days that he’s not very well suited to rule. He’s idealistic, uncompromising, and scarred by battle. With no one left to conquer, he finds the everyday rigors of ruling Gondor – settling property disputes, finding jobs for the common folk and what not – tedious and dull. In the night he rides off in search of trolls to satisfy his unexpected longing for the exciting, dangerous days of his youth.

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