Review – Elementary Series Premiere

Thursday I watched the series premiere for CBS’s new drama, Elementary. Johnny Lee Miller portrays a newly sober Sherlock Holmes, you may remember him from Hackers or possibly even Trainspotting (that is if you have a strong stomach for movies that contain heavy drug use and death by infant neglect, but I spoil and digress.) He was also featured in Dexter a season or two ago. Watson has undergone a gender change, which really allows Miller to show Holmes’ vulnerable side, and is being portrayed by Lucy Liu.

Now onto the meat of the series, Sherlock Holmes in modern New York aiding the NYPD homicide unit. The modern setting, in my opinion, is a nice touch with references to ‘current’ events and modern technology aiding in Holmes’ investigation. The pilot episode plays out with the plot twists and turns, much like you’d expect from a Sherlock Holmes series, yet the slight personality changes bring a fresh view.

Now, when I say slight changes, I mean very slight. Holmes is still prone to his Asperger-esque deductions of peers and victims alike, however he is more aware of the effects of his words and actions, not to say he isn’t still prone to temper tantrums. Where Holmes has his slightly subdued personality Watson, a former surgeon in this variation, is still the friendly ‘valet,’ as Homes puts it, who becomes quick to help in investigating as well as attempting to keep Holmes from upsetting potential witnesses.

As a series, I see this as one of those shows that won’t get enough credit, and therefore no one will watch. My wife and I happened to love the show. It was incredibly entertaining to solve the murder along with Holmes and Watson, particularly when Holmes gets wound up when things are, or aren’t, going his way. Elementary, Thursday nights at 10 pm on CBS. Watch it, please. I hate it when shows I enjoy get canceled for lack of ratings.

I am a gamer and a parent, lost in the struggle to balance the two.

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