PS Vita "Slim" Announced!

Slimmed down in EVERY way

     What you are looking at here is no artists rendition. No this is the eventual redesign we have all been waiting for, but is it enough to entice those who have held out on the Vita for this long? While the newly redesigned system does address a few nagging issues from the original form factor it seems that it may still be a mixed bag…

     Along with the announcement of the new system’s slimmer proportions Sony also touted how it will come in 6 colors (Which all seem very Apple-esque). White, Olive Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Black will be the first choices but I would doubt the colors will stop expanding with this initial batch as Sony mirrored a similar strategy with the first redesign of the PSP. First starting with 3 standard colors and then allowing bundles to have exclusive colors that are then spun off onto non-bundled releases. The specs of said device are not the most impressive but without holding it I have no way to tell. Sony states that the device is 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the first-generation Vita.

The good news:

– Lighter and Thinner

– 1Gb built in memory

– Will charge over micro-USB

– Extra hour of battery life (6-Hours total)

The bad news:

– Memory still on the pricey side

– OLED changed out for LCD screen

– Still not a lot of games

vita color backs


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