“Gingerbread” Tardis (Graham cracker Tardis)

After a lengthy wait, Dr. Who is finally back! And with a new face, none the less. In honor of the shows triumphant return, it only seemed fitting to show support in an edible way. Follow the below steps to take create your own delicious, time traveling machine.

What you’ll need:
– 5 Graham crackers (any flavor, I used honey)
– Dark blue chocolate wafers
– White chocolate wafers
– Black chocolate wafers
– 2 White air heads (mystery flavor)
– Mini marshmallows
– Aluminum foil
– Piping bags
– Small saucepan or double boiler

Gingerbread Tardis ingredents

1. Melt dark blue chocolate wafers in saucepan or double boiler.

Gingerbread Tardis blue wafers

2. Cut a gram cracker slightly shy of the middle (this is being used for the top, so cut it big enough to cover that space). Use a knife to slowly saw away so as to make a clean cut.

Gingerbread Tardis roof

3. Cover the 4 graham crackers, and the square roof piece, in chocolate. Let them rest on an aluminum sheet (I even used a cutting board under that) and put them in the fridge to solidify. Then, pour some melted blue chocolate in a piping bag.

Gingerbread Tardis Melted Blue Choco in Piping bag

5. Pipe 6 squares on each graham cracker, as seen below.

Gingerbread Tardis Blue Piped Squares

6. Cut 8 little white squares from the white air heads (Roughly the same size as the blue piped squares), and apply them to the graham crackers using the blue melted chocolate in the piping bag, as seen below.

Gingerbread Tardis Airhead Windows

7. Melt black chocolate wafers and put it in a piping bag. Then make 4 little squares in the windows. Also, using the black melted chocolate, pipe a horizontal box above the windows. Next, melt white chocolate and put that in a piping bag. Cut the tip super small and continue to pipe “POLICE BOX” in the horizontal black box above the windows.

Gingerbread Tardis Detailed Piping

8. Put in the fridge to let everything solidify. Then, using the blue melted chocolate in the piping bag, start applying chocolate to the long sides of the graham crackers and attaching the 4 walls together. (You can put a little bit on each side, just so they are slightly attached at first, and then you can go back and pipe more into the cracks after they are all standing up.)

Gingerbread Tardis Walls Together

9. Now, do the same for the top little square.

Gingerbread Tardis Roof Assembled

10. Take a mini marshmallow and pipe 4 equally spaced lines from flat side to flat side, using the melted blue chocolate. Then, cover one flat end of the marshmallow with the melted blue chocolate, taking care to leave a point in the center. Let the chocolate solidify and then apply it to the center of the top of the tardis with blue chocolate.

Big Tardis Gingerbread Tardis

And there you have a deliciously, timelordy, treat.

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