Galaxy Nexus Banned in the US…What!?

Alright let me get this straight…Google can’t sell their own Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Nexus  via Google Play because Apple deems it “too similar to the iPad and iPhone.” Because of this, there is an injunction against both devices in order to “preserve the future sales of Apple products.”

First off Apple, your market base has a dedicated amount of followers, coupled with people who don’t know anything else other than brand names…I think you’re going to be fine in these ‘difficult’ months to come until the launch of your iPhone 5 and/or iPad 3. Are you really so inclined as to deny the US Android’s poster-child because it’s too ‘similar’?

I guess that Notification Window you got there is a stroke of pure genious and  never seen anywhere else. Boy, step aside everyone, only Apple is allowed to innovate. If you make anything comparable or better they’ll just go out and sue you to save their ass.

Alright, enough of my mini nerd-rant. To those of you who don’t know I am an Android user (though accepting of Apple products) with a Galaxy Nexus, so it does touch home a bit. Fortunately for us Android users, Samsung and Google are coming up with a solution as we speak, an update that should eliminate this temporary embargo.

Is this what today’s tech industry is all about? Never mind designing products that would make life easier for the user, we’re just going to get in an all-out patent war to make sure the other companies don’t try and improve. They have a touch-screen! My product also has a touch-screen! I’m suing you!

I hope this trend doesn’t keep up. It makes me wonder if Google was in Apple shoes…would they react the same way? Think about that.

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