First One-Quest Game Demo!

Alright folks, now that I am settled in the beautiful city of Mountain View I can get off my lazy bum and once again start working on our first title, One-Quest: The Beginning of the End.

So far there have only been two people (including myself) who have done any work on this game. My good buddy Eric was nice enough to do all the artwork for me as I am terrible when it comes to anything artistic. Fortunately, I shine when it comes to math and programming!

It all began roughly January of this year. I was actually driving on my way to Eric’s house when I started thinking about what would be a fitting first game for One-Quest. In just a short 10-15 minute drive, I came up with a fairly basic but descent outline of a story which, with the help of Eric, was hammered out into 5 stories of different Knights who inevitably join together on one epic quest! Each Knight is completely unique and loosely based on some of our real-life friends. As we get further into development we’ll definitely dish out more details, but for now I’ll just say that each Knight will get their own game so that the players are well acquainted with each character before their epic quest commences.

First things first, I did a little research to see what would be the best tool to use for creating our first game. XNA Game Studio 4.0 seemed the most promising, offering ease of multi-platform development (at least for Microsoft products), well-documented API, a strong community, and multitudes of tutorials written by both Microsoft and XNA Developers. The following tutorials made the first build possible and I encourage anyone who is interested in game development to take a look at them!

Riemer’s XNA Tutorial

Microsoft Developer Network

George’s XNA Development Tutorial

The first build of game was done to get a feel for the XNA Framework as well as receive an A for my Senior Project class at Rowan University. It encompasses our vision of the game and will serve as a great foundation for the final build.

Featured in this build is an onslaught of goblins as well as fireballs  which are being fired at the Knight from off-screen. The fireballs can’t be killed and must be dodged. The goblins, however, can be killed if you shoot them 3 times. The overall goal of the first build is to stay alive as long as possible! Please note that the music featured in One-Quest is from the Fairy Tail soundtrack. As Eric and I are not musicians, we have not been able to create our own music yet. I feel once we incorporate our musically talented buddy Anthony, we’ll definitely have some original epic tunes thrown in! For now, we thank Yasuharu Takanashi for the music!

Without further ado, you can download the first build of the game here. Please look below for a quick description of controls and installation instructions! It’s not a perfect game, but it’s the first step of making our dream come true! We’d love to hear some feedback so feel free to comment or email us and tell us what you think!


  • W, A, S, D keys – Move Up, Move Left, Move Down, Move Right!
  • Use the mouse to aim and left-click to shoot
  • T – Toggle Music
  • P – Pause game.


System Requirments

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Greater
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 1.1 support



Unzip and run OneQuestInstall.exe. Follow the on-screen directions from that point. You can locate the .exe within a folder named OneQuestGame on your PC. Unfortunately an uninstall.exe won’t be generated so to remove the game from your system you must go to Add & Remove programs located in the control panel and remove it from there.

Download The Game

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The Story So Far. . .
  • One-Quest was founded many millennia ago in a galaxy know as "n00b," by a foundation of Nerds. n00b was a small galaxy ruled by an evil empire, known as the "Hipstars." One-Quest formed with the sole purpose of removing the Hipstar empire from power, and restoring balance to all Nerds...
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